The Attractiveness of Wisdom

The Attractiveness of Wisdom


Judy Kelly


Religious, Fiction

Publish Date

December 4, 2021

Short Description

The Attractiveness of Wisdom is a Christian literary fiction, heart-warming, enthralling novel with endearing and unforgettable characters and a plot that grabs its readers.


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After a tumultuous marriage and struggling trying to keep it together, Hamilton, a university dean, sets out on a perilous emotional journey to change his life and seek the kind of love he's always wanted. He's tired of controlling his life and the lives of others. Hamilton meets Franny, a troubled dance teacher, and accepts her job offer of organizer in her studio. When Franny injures her foot, Hamilton must step out of his secure place to help. His trepidation increases when he meets a research journalist who falls in love with him. But her life isn't what it seems. He fears controlling her, and after her convent life she needs his love. Will Hamilton wise up and learn how a man truly loves a woman, the value of friendship and the need for prayer?

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Judy  Kelly

Judy Kelly

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