New Rules of Order

New Rules of Order

Season One


Karleen Staible


Thriller, Romance, Fiction

Publish Date

November 6, 2021

Short Description

In this Kindle Vella, Abby has difficulty holding on to her decisions, her mental confusion, and the effects of her punishment. Why can’t she stop drinking the water? Was the water cleansing her soul or conditioning her?




Abigail Goodman is thrilled Eric finally asked her out. But when they’re in the lobby of the movie theater just off their college campus, gunfire rings out.

When Abby—suffering from a concussion—opens her eyes, unfamiliar women all dressed alike are calling her “Eleezia.” The room is strange, the bed small and plain. Abby wonders if she’s in a nunnery… or abducted by aliens.


She is determined to free herself in this fast-paced thriller about a woman kidnapped and forced to live a new life.

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Karleen Staible

Karleen Staible

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