Die Bergtruppen

Die Bergtruppen


Liam Robert Mullen


Military / War

Publish Date

May 24, 2022

Short Description

A war story set in Finland during World War 2.


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Two old sporting adversaries – Wagner and Virtanen – a German and a Finn must overcome their differences and lead a team of crack mountain troops through the harsh Finnish environment to try and take Murmansk.

With temperatures down to minus fifty tempers begin to fray amongst the group and each man battles their own personal demons. Meanwhile a saboteur is undermining the group.

After the fall of Narvik in Norway, the British realise they have been betrayed by a double agent, and Churchill sends in a team to find her, reputedly Stalin’s ex-lover. Fresh from their success of blowing up a U-boat base in the Arctic Circle, Force 4 are sent in against the German mountain troops and a battle of wits ensue.

Meanwhile hanging over the Germans is the shadow of Wolf Neumann, a young soldier killed in the Polish battlefields, who each loved in their own peculiar way.

A war novel set amidst the frozen tundra of Finland and Norway during World War 2.

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Liam Robert Mullen

Liam Robert Mullen

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