Dark of the Moon

Dark of the Moon



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Amanda Ashley

Paranormal and Supernatural, Fiction

September 30, 2020

Short Description

Jim Hewitt earned his living as a vampire hunter his whole adult life – until one fateful night when the hunter became the hunted. Now a fledgling vampire trying to adapt to his new lifestyle, he changes his name to Travis Black and moves to Susandale, a small town with a secret.


In an effort to avoid marrying the man her wealthy parents have chosen for her, Sara Winters makes a deal with her father – if she can’t provide for herself for one year, she will agree to marry Dilworth Young III. To that end, she moves to Susandale and opens a bath boutique.


Travis and Sara would likely never have met if Travis hadn’t chosen her as his prey. Was it mere coincidence that brought the two of them to the same sleepy little town? Or the hand of Fate?


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Amanda Ashley

Amanda Ashley

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