Ruth Miranda


Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Publish Date

January 18, 2021

Short Description

Jai is recently widowed. DaoShi is nursing a broken heart and a rapidly plummeting career. A chance meeting between them is bound to become life changing, forcing both men to confront their past, their fears, and their beliefs.



When Jai decides to rent the house he shared with his late husband, he has no idea he's about to meet the man who'll change his life. For Lin DaoShi's not only famous, he's also straight – and comes nursing an eating disorder and a broken heart. After a riding accident that  threatens to end his dancing career and hamper his acting, he trades China for the UK in an attempt to flee the spotlight and find some peace.
What he finds, though, when crossing paths with Jai, is his life changing and his world turned upside down. For after their chance meeting, DaoShi no longer knows who he is or what he wants out of life.
Brought together by a common love for ballet, they soon find themselves trapped in a pas de deux only the secrets they must keep can break apart..

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Ruth Miranda

Ruth Miranda

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