A World Where Everything You Wanted to believe is Real


Sean Michael Paquet


Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Publish Date

June 9, 2020

Short Description

What if…

What if a world existed where ancient civilizations still thrived?

What if prehistoric creatures roamed the land freely side by side with warriors from an age long past?

What if a world existed where people with unusual gifts lived in harmony and acceptance?

What if aliens who wielded vast power were trying to save humanity?

What if ancient advanced beings were responsible for the beginning of life on Earth?

What kind of world would that be?



Meet a young warrior gifted with an inner sight who can speak to spirits and animals.
Walk beside the Sabretooth, who is oath-bound to protect him.
Rescue an orphaned Polar Bear cub with undying loyalty.
Save a soldier from an Earth on the brink of mass destruction.
Befriend a giant from a distant past no one remembers.
Commune with a Raven who spies upon the ways of men.
Interact with beings who wield cosmic technology by thought.
Become the agent of a mysterious artificial lifeform who experiments with whole worlds.
Enter a Utopia destined to succeed or fail based on the choices which drive the hands of Fate.

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Sean Michael Paquet

Sean Michael Paquet

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