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 Jake/Geek, Quest for Oshi

Jake/Geek, Quest for Oshi



Fiction, Teen and Young Adult, Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Publish Date

May 13, 2021

Short Description

He's a brilliant hacker. Convinced that one of his escapades lead to the abduction of his best friend, he needs to find her fast. Suspecting she's been transported into the World Wide Web, can he rescue her before time runs out?


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Jake is a cyber genius with all the geek cred a fifteen-year-old can handle. Focused on hacking anything and everything for the sheer thrill of it, he’s dumbfounded when his best friend, Oshi, goes missing.


Certain that a virus he planted on a rival’s laptop is the cause, he’s willing to do anything to find her even if it means breaking into a top-secret military base, accessing an implanted microchip, and using spyware stolen from the Department of Paranormal Research.


With the help of a fugitive hacker, he discovers a classified experimental project where human subjects are transported into the World Wide Web. Convinced that that’s what happened to Oshi, he embarks on a journey from which he may never return.


Dropping into the World Wide Web, he has to fend off creepy avatars and fight for his brain as he searches for Oshi. Will Jake find her in time and if he does, will they make it out alive?


Jake/Geek: Quest for Oshi is a contemporary sci-fi fantasy filled with adventure and excitement that is perfect for both teens and young adults.

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