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Irial O'Farrell

About The Author

My name is Irial, I grew up in Ireland and, having travelled a decent chunk of the world, I moved back to Ireland. I have a natural tendency to need to make sense of things and the thing I spend most of my time trying to make sense of is business and how to match the needs of the individual with the needs of the business. This interest has led me on a very interesting career trajectory, that has mostly emerged from my curiosity.


I also love to write. While one day, I'd love to write a novel, for the moment, I'm keeping to writing about the sense I have made about business. Yes, you got it, I write management books.


Other than that, I'm married with three beautiful children and two cats. Well, a cat and a half. One cat definitely lives with us. The other deigns to visit on occasion and I strongly suspect, we also own the bit that requires vetinary fees!

Irial O'Farrell


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SMART Objective Setting for Managers
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