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J. Anne Campanile

About The Author

J Anne Campanile was raised with a healthy love of classic literature and dreams of being “an author!” when she grew up. She started writing terrible romance in high school, but somehow got much better at it after she had her first boyfriend and first serious relationship. She initially wrote Pride and Poor Judgment after strongly identifying with Darcy’s socially awkward, foot-in-mouth tendencies and searching in vain for the adaptation she wanted. And, as any good fanfiction writer knows, if you can’t find the adaptation you want, you’ve got to write it yourself.


J Anne lives in the Rocky Mountains with her three trusty companion parrots, Blue, Woodstock, and Pepper. When she’s not writing, she can be found at her day job herding call center agents, in the library buried under a healthy stack of books, or binging Netflix and driving everyone else in the room crazy by analyzing the plot and story arcs out loud.

J. Anne Campanile



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