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Truth Gives Strength to Wings

It’s all in the Journal


Katy Sudano

Against an international landscape of power, affluence, and fear Truth Gives Strength to Wings, the creative memoir by child sex abuse prevention advocate, Katy Sudano, breathes life into the tormented soul of a young woman who defied the odds and defined what it means to dig deep for strength, passion, and love of life.


Katy's refusal to allow the abuse of her past to interfere with an insatiable desire to find happiness and break the vicious cycle of abandonment that nearly had destroyed her entire world, is a testament to her extraordinary determination. Enter Katy's world, as she unlocks her true colors--the pure essence of who she is--despite the terrifying examples forced upon her as a young girl. Broken and afraid, she discovers a strength she never knew existed, and built enough trust in herself to take those first tiny steps away from what she knew could not be.

Those first few steps ultimately led to acts of inspirational boldness, and with the unexpected help of strangers and a little guidance from her alter-ego, she finds the strength to expand her broken wings, take off running, and soar.  

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Amazon Reviews Of The Book

 I couldn’t put this down...

Wow! That was incredible!
Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t imagine all of that. It was beautifully written and done in a tasteful way but still enough to comprehend the pain. The prose was so colorful and vibrant that I felt like I was stepping off the plane smelling the sulfur. I could feel the sand beneath my toes. I could even smell the chickens. This is a story of hope and courage against all odds. It has all the themes you look for in a good story, yet it’s all real.
I’m honored to know you and to know you found your way to happiness

An Extraordinary Journey to Save Herself and her Toddler

The author's life is extremely unusual. Born to wealthy parents in Switzerland. Abused by her mother's 2nd husband. Married to an abusive 1st husband. Helped in hiring the rescue lawyer, and the coyote rescue person, by her mother's 3rd husband. Helped by her grandmother, financially and in Court. Eventually made her way to the US with her toddler son. Then had to hire a US lawyer to protect her son from being sent back to Costa Rica. Finally to find the love of her life, a Chiropractor, who treats the total health of his patients.

Her life is beyond incredible. I liked the colors & descriptions of Costa Rica. I was fascinated by the 'coyote' being part of the rescue of her and her son. Her description of the restroom and bus ride were hair raising! Would she be able to get out of Costa Rica alive and with her toddler son? I do think that the only safe way out of Costa Rica, was that she had a US passport that her former husband did not know about. I knew someone could have 2 passports but not 3 or more unless they worked for an Intelligence Agency. The later Court event in NY was shocking as she was rescued once again but I leave that for the reader to find out.

I did not understand the journal writing. She felt she needed to do it, I just did not understand it. My thought was that it was healing for her. Or that she had developed a split personality thru all the abuse, that later had to be addressed, when she was finally safe. That may not be true, just me trying to understand the journal. I wanted to cry at her mother's lack of protection of her. She has been safe for a long time, and her son is an adult.

Peter was never held accountable for his abuse.

A story of triumph

An inspiring story giving a view into the unthinkable challenges and mistreatment that Sydney endured and overcame from her young childhood into early adult life. Sydney's journal allows her to indulge in a fantasy world where her character Zoyria is her reprieve from reality.

Along the beautiful backdrop of Costa Rica with travels to and from the United States. Sydney experiences the affluent life of the wealthy, seeking a sense of belonging, acceptance and a new beginning from the life she grew up in.

You'll be pulled into her story with the full spectrum of emotions. Humor is evoked as you become close to her grandparents The Witos, and a sense of triumph resounds in the end when Sydney learns that the strengths and endurance that she attributed to Zoyria were that of her own all along. A story based on true events gives us all strength in the end. A must read!

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Katy Sudano

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Katy Sudano is the wife of Dr. Nick Sudano and the mother of five children. As Vice President of Total Health Solutions and BrainCore Neurofeedback of Milton, she helps people deal with anxiety, depression and PTSD. She also helps individuals find health and success as a certified Robbins-Madanes Coach under Tony Robbins. Katy has written her first book, Truth Gives Strength to Wings, her memoir about faith, love, and finding happiness through adversity.

An advocate for preventing child sexual abuse, Katy is a former board member, Spanish spokesperson and workshop facilitator for VOICE Today, a non-profit advocacy for survivors of sexual abuse. She was a model and actor for Real People Models and Talent. Katy is a former member of the Local Advisory Council (LSAC) for Fulton County Schools. She speaks 4 languages and is passionate about inspiring, motivating and helping people.

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Interview With The Author

What was the feeling when you published your first book?

I was excited to have accomplished something that I wasn’t sure I was ever going to be able to finish. But the feelings of gratitude came in a flood of emotions when I actually held the book in my hands for the very first time. 

How do you get over the “writer’s block”?

We really didn’t have that. But because of the nature of the writing we did have to take month longer breaks. Sometimes we did do breathing exercises to get into the true emotions of my past to be complete authentic and true. 

Do you connect with your readers? Do you mind having a chat with them or you prefer to express yourself through your writing?

My purpose is to connect and to be a light or a resource to the fact that no matter what you go through in life, you can and will get through it. I love talking to my readers and hearing their stories and what they have learned through their experiences.