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The Girl in the Garage

3 Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past


Sharon Hughes

Do you wonder if you can really change your life and let go of the things in your past that hold you prisoner? Have you suffered trauma, abuse, or abandonment that left you feeling your were too broken to have a life you love? What if you let go of the lies you've believed, broke up with your past and let go of the shame that's held you prisoner in your own life for good? Who would you be? Who could you be? In the Girl In The Garage, Sharon Hughes shares her personal story of overcoming years of abuse that came to a head when at 16 years old, she was drugged at a Halloween party and woke up in a garage seven hours later. Her story is one of radical healing by a radical God that called her to a new identity and a new destiny. If you've struggled with brokenness, shame, trauma and self worth issues, this book will walk you through the core steps you need to get a breakthrough while experiencing God's radical healing.

Here's why you should read this book:

  • You'll understand how what you believe influences and affects your choices.

  • You'll discover the keys to letting go of the past, so you can be who you're meant to be.

  • You'll discover that God is for you and not against you, no matter what you've done in the past.

  • You'll learn how to love and accept yourself right where you are.

  • You'll learn how to take control of your life by making values based decisions.

  • You'll learn how to set healthy boundaries

This book is written workbook style and you'll feel like you're sitting with the Sharon going through the steps together. You'll see exactly how patterns from childhood wounds, trauma, and grief sets in to steal your joy and identity. The good news is once you're aware of it, you can change it. 

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Amazon Reviews Of The Book

It’s never too late!!!

What a brave warrior Sharon Hughes is. She shares her story completely with us. She lets us in to her deepest pain and lost childhood and then when you don’t think you can take anymore bam!! Her light shines through. Her workbook is a guide to freedom that is simple and anyone / everyone can do it. she takes us along using the tools she herself used to escape the secrets and lies that were slowly suffocating her. Her book is so healing and gives us a new pair of glasses to see ourself with. Buying several copies for friends and family! Can’t wait for her next book!!

Vulnerable and raw.

Compelling life story of how to overcome ones perception of self. How to stay open & be better because of it. That someone can be this vulnerable and still be considerate enough to help the reader is just the best part of this partial workbook. Never judge and know that we ALL carry baggage. What we do with life's lessons is what converts to wisdom as we age and can instills healthy coping mechanisms. Your coping skills will be revealed to you in the workbook portion of this read. When you live in your owe head and don't see your surrounding, this book will let you see that someone is always going through something.

Inspirational and worth the read!

If you're ready for a paradigm change then read this book. In this beautiful heartfelt book, Sharon shares how to take control of your life and the powerful way of enabling you to let go of your past. The workbook nature of this book makes it such a unique and powerful tool that will help you learn to love and accept yourself... as you are right now. It is worth the read (and re-read) and you will close the final cover knowing and loving yourself more than ever before. Kudos to the author for putting herself out there so we can be inspired and enlightened.

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Sharon Hughes


Sharon Hughes is a Certified Life Coach, P.O.S.T. Certified Chaplain, Critical Incident Stress Manager/Debriefer, speaker and the host of Called to Confidence Podcast. In her best friend over coffee style, she shares God’s word woven with neuroscience truths to set your mind free. Sharon is the mother of three, a lover of dogs, the beach, coffee, and resides in Southern California.

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Interview With The Author

When did you start writing?

Two days after my daughter Queena’s 18th birthday on April 24, 2008, she was viciously attacked by a teenage boy and left for dead outside the Bloomingdale Library in Valrico, FL. Queena, who was a high school senior at the time with a future full of promise, suffered severe brain damage. She was put into a medical coma in an attempt to save brain function, but woke up unable to walk, see, or speak.
Once when we arrived at the hospital and found out the extent of her injuries, that’s where the journey began.
From 2008, we have so many supporters and followers. Every day, we have a message sent through Queena’s website, or an email to me, that says “I want to give up my life but when I see Queena keep going, [then that does] not allow me to do that. You need to write a book to help the people.” 
So, I started four years ago to write this book.

What makes writing your passion?

My background implies that and how deeply upset I was after Queena's attack. I couldn't cry at first; I was just in shock. I remember screaming on the roof of the hospital and wondering, "Why her? Why us?" But it didn't bring my comfort to ask those questions. The kindness and generosity of other people in the community did, as well as turning to God.
And when I was faced with forgiveness and acceptance and finding God amidst tragedy.

We all know the writer’s path is never easy, what makes you keep going? What advice would you give to new authors?

If you’ve ever thought “I really want to write a book someday” … then don’t let it become a regret! 
Every night after I put Queena to bed, I dedicated the hours between midnight and 3 AM to writing our story. I wrote the entire book in the Notes app in my iPhone. English is my second language and I struggle with technology. I never thought that I’d be able to publish a book, but I did it! 
Sometimes all you have to do is just think about what could be possible and that will keep you going.