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Veronica Sierra Lawson

Stuck up 
These are a few of the things I've been called. 
Is it because I mocked and teased? 
Is it because I shouted and hit? 
Is it because I made someone bleed? 
No I did none of those things. 
Rather it is because I said no. 
No to adding you on Facebook. 
No to being your valentine. 
No to giving you my number. 
Does that make me rude? 
Am I a Brat just because I rather not? 
Is it true I am stuck up just for declining? 
Is yes really the only way to go? 
Even if I say it nicely? 
Why though? 
Why can't I reject and still be polite? 
Why must my answer always be Alright? 
Why can't I decline and still be a friend. 
 I mean no harm. 
I don't mean to hurt. 
Yet the moment your mouth opens. 
The minute the question is asked. 
The only acceptable answer. 
The only one you will accept. 
Is Yes.

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