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Jason Scott

Elizabeth J. Simpkins

Jason Scott was a boy with a childhood, that anyone could see was grim.

His father was at the bar mostly, and when at home he always beat him.

Jason Scott was always cut and bruised all over his poor little body.

His father would lie to him and say that he was "very naughty".

Jason Scott's father beat him like this for years, his one and only son.

Until Jason Scott opened the window one night, jumped out, and started to run.

Jason Scott found a family that could give him all he had wished for.

It wasn't unitl he got a little older, he then remebered his past childhood horror.

Jason Scott went back to his father's house with a strong motive in mind.

But, before he could finish his plan, there was one man he had to find.

Jason Scott knocked on the door of his father's house and heard a "who's there?"

Jason Scott kicked open the door, but all he could do was stare.

"Yes sir? Do I know you? Can I help you in any way?"

"Yes, you knew me from a long time ago and now it's time to pay!"

Jason Scott grabbed the shotgun, which always hung above the fire.

"Don't you remeber your son? The one you beat!? You STUPID fucking LIAR!"

Jason Scott shot three times at his dad. In his chest twice and at his head.

Jason Scott stood there with a twisted grin, "I'm NOT naughty..." he said.

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