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Ben Berwick's Story

Ben Berwick

Derek's eyes watered as he chewed on the Carolina Reaper, once again regretting how he'd let his girlfriend trick him into entering the chili-eating contest. She knew he wouldn't ever back down from any fight, and now his pride had left him stuck in a place of incredible pain. The fiery pepper had turned his mouth numb and set his lips on fire. She was smirking at him from the crowd, who roared him on, but he was sweating so profusely that he could barely see. His face was as red as a beetroot, and he felt his stomach gurgle in ominous warning. Time was not on his side, that was for sure.

"You can do it baby!" Rachel shouted, but Derek didn't hear her. All he could focus on was the burning sensation in his food-pipe, and he prayed to God he wouldn't be sick, in front of so many people...

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