When The Night Gets Rough

Avian Angel  

The smell of cologne in the halls, 
The profanity written on the walls, 
Homework load, no time to spare, 
Study hall, do it there. 
Jerky jocks and wannabe nerds, 
Girls that travel in large herds. 
Black eyes, big blue bruise, 
Through the halls, they like to choose.  
Heavy sweatshirts, broken back, 
Book after book weighing down their pack. 
Bright pink nails or dark black eyeliner,  
Always to be called an attention whiner. 
Don’t they know that he hurts himself?  
Or that her bloodshed could fill up a shelf? 
Don’t they see the tears in her eyes? 
When she says she’s fine, she lies.  
Am I the only one who knows,  
That he doesn’t cut for shows? 
That girl, she starves and she’ll die,  
Unless someone hears her cry.  
That boy, they called him fat, 
He shot himself over that.  
Day by day, I watch them hurt,  
Isn’t anyone else alert? 
No human sees when she cries, 
No jock knows how bad he wants to die.  
They joke and bully and they don’t know 
I don’t like to watch this show.  
The school started out with many, 
And to suicide, they lost plenty 
I couldn’t help myself anymore, 
I lost control, wanted to even the score,  
To the leader of the group, the lesson was taught,  
The value of life, the depression to be fought.  
He was full of pride, needed to be crushed,  
I would take away his power of lust.  
In the large mirror, hung on his bedroom wall, 
He truly believed he was the handsomest of all.  
With a grin on my face and fire in my eyes,  
I soon put an end to all of those lies.  
I took away his muscle, his strength.  
I took away his height, his dominating rank.  
He became his worst fear,  
And he thought he was crazy, since no one was near.  
I left him that way, watched him suffer, 
Like a video on endless buffer.  
I ended the show, I ruled the game. 
I took away all of his fame.  
His victims, they unknowingly thanked me, 
The dead avenged; thee living to be free.  
I still had more to do, 
To make their dreams come true.  
So I will watch and wait another day, 
I am Aviana, and I like to play.  

Aviana is not someone to fight, 
She’s the thing you feel staring at you at night.  
She may look tiny, but she’s rough.  
She doesn’t care if you are tough.  
She’s tired of the daily shows, 
How many she’s seen, no one knows.  
She likes revenge, and she always wins, 
She is the karma for your sins.  
Blazing like a fire, cooler than ice.  
Her lessons will make you think twice.  
This is a fair warning, you can trust me, 
She punished my actions, forever trapped I will be.  
The Angel Strikes Again 
Her perfect eyes, her perfect hair, 
For perfect looks, I do not care. 
She tripped a boy, because of her vile soul, 
Her stony heart, a void of coal.  
Her nails drew blood from a young boy,  
Someone she abused as a toy.  
My last victim had warned her, I watched him cry, 
She ignored him, so to her house, I fly.  
Her room was pink, as girly as could be, 
The sight of the color almost gagged me.  
She sat down, on her little bed, 
Unaware that she’d soon feel dread.  
My fingertips glowed like a nice full moon, 
And she would learn her lesson very soon.  
I remembered her, from my previous life, 
My blood spilled due to strife.  
I grinned, thinking ‘oh how fun, 
She’ll remember me before this is done.’ 
First, I changed her perfect blue eyes,  
The ones she used as she told lies. 
From pretty blue to bloody red, 
Her power of beauty to soon be dead. 
Next, that long blonde hair, 
I burnt it stringy, how unfair.  
Her hair was a mop of dishwater, 
No way could she make it hotter.  
Her nice tanned skin, turned pale,  
And I smiled as she whaled.  
The last thing I took; her perfect voice, 
She would sound like a mouse, surgery not a choice.  
This lesson, my work, was now complete, 
Off to find another lesson for this to compete.  
Aviana’s Suitor 

He wouldn’t leave me alone, 
My love, my heart, he wanted to own. 
I was honest with him, no interest.  
I was too tired for love, I needed a rest.  
He was relentless, a stubborn soul, 
With his heart, he loved me whole.  
He hung around like a puppy to an owner, 
Didn’t he know that I was a loner? 
I tried to find a lesson to teach, 
To keep me busy, out of his reach.  
I had to admit, he looked quite nice. 
His eyes a dark, crimson ice.  
His hair was cherry, red quite pretty.  
His voice was smooth, his words witty.  
Wait a second; what’s wrong with me? 
I can’t be interested; I’m not allowed to be.  
I shake my hair out, waterfall to my back, 
I started to think of the things that he lacked.  
A difficult task, I didn’t have a clue.  
I’d never loved a human before, no one to compare him to.  
I decided that the night would calm me down, 
The stars in the sky, a bright white crown.  
The souls, the voices of the dead, 
Fought for a say inside of my head.  
Some said to love him, and it was true to be, 
Some forbid my emotions; I had to be boy free.  
A male caller would mess up my fight,  
To find the wrongs, to make them right.  
I shut down my feelings, turned off my heart. 
His smile was no longer an art.  
I continued to roam through the school’s halls,  
With my heart kept behind high walls.  
The sticky smell of hairspray, the scent to make one gag, 
Watching for violators and finding one to tag.  
The Virus of Aviana 

She knew I loved her, that was true, 
Neither one too young to say I do. 
I knew her secret, the angel fair, 
Wrong someone hurt, and Aviana will be there.  
I had to be special, and I’ll tell you why, 
I could see her and I’m alive; no lie.  
Her name fit the lady, a calling quite right, 
The bird angel, Queen of the night.  
Whether her body is real or fake, 
She knows she had my heart to take.  
So petite, so small, 
But start a fight and she’d kill us all.  
The moon glows brighter when she’s around, 
Her tough bare feet against the ground.  
She shut me out, she turned cold.  
Pain from somewhere old.  
She hated guys, I knew that clue. 
If you’re a guy, she hates you.  
Guys were her favorite to teach, 
To punish when help was out of reach. 
I’d seen what she did, I wanted to join, 
When I asked her, she kicked my groin.  
Something told me she hated her job,  
Seeking out wrong, torturing snobs.  
Or maybe she was sad for kids’ deaths, 
Lost to suicide, no hopes left.  
She played her job like a game, 
A wild instrument to be tamed.  
As much as I knew she hated me, 
I hadn’t done wrong, at least, none that she  had to see.  
I kept my own secrets, like the avian beauty.  
She didn’t have to know, no matter her duty.  
The truth that lay behind my charm, 
My people; we wanted to stop her harm.  
We meant well, we still do, 
It’s just that we are better than you. 
Shiny cars, tons of money, 
We do no work, isn’t that funny? 
Some people needed to know their place, 
We are in charge, we win the race.  
Now, their suicide wasn’t our fault, 
They simply wanted their lives to halt.  
Aviana stalks my people, but she doesn’t know, 
That this love sick bit is just a show.  
I had you fooled, I know I did, 
I really just want this angel to be rid. 
I make a promise, by this Earth, somehow, 
That I, Edward, shall have the angel, I vow.  
Back in the Game 

The lockers were black, such a nice choice, 
To match the students’ bodies, who didn’t use their voice.  
The halls reeked of blood, freshly released.  
Now to find the bullies, their games to be ceased.  
As I began to walk through the hallway,  
I heard crying, instinct leading the way.  
I entered the girl’s bathroom, empty almost,  
I heard a girl crying, someone was toast.  
I faced the girl as she practiced her art,  
Drawing blood from her chest, her heart.  
She kept her cries quiet, so no one could hear.  
She didn’t know yet that I was near.  
I gently wiped her tears from her face, 
She was so pretty, what a disgrace.  
Blood ran down the side of her breast,  
A promise that she would soon be to rest.  
Her dark black tresses shimmered in the light,  
Reminding me of the peaceful night.  
I wanted to know her problem, her pain.  
If not for being caring, just for a target to gain.  
She looked up and saw me with tears in her eyes.  
She spoke to me, and those emeralds didn’t lie.  
She asked me ‘Why was I not enough? 
I guess I’m too hard, too rough. 
That boy, I loved him, but he had no care. 
I guess life is really unfair.” 
She talked to me as she bled, 
Seeing me meant that she’d soon be dead.  
I wanted to help her, to punish the jerk  
But I had no name for to stalk and lurk.  
So sad to see the girl with a broken heart,  
Because a guy wanted to be a player, to be a part.  
For players, I had no tolerance, 
With their ‘swag’ they prance.  
The girl gave in to the black wave of relief,  
Peace more beautiful than a sea reef.  
I saw that girls’ pain, she died over a boy.  
I’d study my spells, to teach this toy.  
A heart is not something to be played with,  
And that I have special magic treats is no myth.  
I will be back another day, 
My magic used, a boy to slay.  
Mastering the Angel 

That pathetic girl, who did she think she was? 
Asking me on a date, just because?  
She was obviously a two, far from a ten,  
She was not the Barbie to my Ken.  
I hadn’t made her pull the knife, 
I hadn’t made her end her life.  
Still, I had to be careful not to be caught,  
Lest I be the next to be taught.  
The girl’s death hit home for our lovely bird,  
So I tried to stay away from my herd.  
I did lead the group, I was in charge,  
That wasn’t a fact that I wanted to be large.  
I had to woo the young hero,  
I couldn’t accept an answer of no,  
My group was getting restless,  
They wanted an answer, no mess.  
Still, she turned me away,  
Refusing a date, day after day.  
If only she had a weak point, someone she care for with all her heart, 
Unfortunately, for her, love was not an art.  
She hid all her feelings behind a brick wall, 
As she walked down the school’s hall.  
I had to be smart; I had to be clever, 
I had to find that special love lever.  
She knew magic, she knew spells, 
If only I believed in wishing wells.  
If I knew a love potion, one that would really work,  
I could capture this angel with the quirk.  
I tried to serenade her, singing a beautiful song.  
She sighed and ignored it all along.  
I tried to send her flowers, with a nice little note,  
She shook her head, but it wasn’t easily wrote 
She turned down all my attempts at romance,  
Wouldn’t even allow me one dance.  
I was close to my rope’s end,  
No one had a hand to lend.  
She had to have a weak spot, even if only one, 
She had to have something for which anything would be done. 
I would tame the young warrior, the fighter for the poor, 
If I had to push her off a broken moor.  
Other girls would kill for the chance to date me, 
But the angel seemed as uncaring as could be.  
Maybe death had hardened the creature, 
Maybe it was something about my features.  
Maybe she had a type, with eyes and hair. 
If she did, this game was unfair.  
I had spent millions on my dark crimson eyes, 
They made it easier to tell lies.  
My eyes I could not change, but my hair, I could. 
If I knew her color preference, I would.  
It seemed that only the dead or depressed could see her, 
And I had no magic; I lacked even much human fur.  
If only I knew that one special secret, 
The one that I could use against her as a threat.  
When I thought too much about her, I started to wonder why, 
I could see her if saying I was dead was a lie.  
Sure, knowing that fact, it worried me 
Of course it did, I was worried like anyone else would be.  
Although the rest of my group knew she was real, 
I was the only one who could see her; what was the deal?  
I thought and I thought, about both topics,  
What was making this clock hard to tic? 
I had to romance her, but she wouldn’t give me the chance, 
And the reason I could see her, a difficult question to dance.  
The harder I thought, the more I felt,  
In the presence of a powerful darkness, I knelt.  
‘I know what you need,’ he said, 
‘And seeing her does not mean you’re dead. 
I’ll give you the answer, if you give me this, 
You, Edward, must from her steal a kiss.’ 
I made that promise, hoping to keep it.  
If not, in darkness and fear I would forever sit.  
Heart of the Avian 

Why was he still bothering me? 
Hadn’t I told him to let me be?  
He sent me notes, he sent me flowers, 
He tried to sing me songs for many hours.  
I could have used magic to send him away, 
But I had more important things to do that day.  
I have to avenge the young girl, who died for a boy, 
The jerk that used her heart like a toy.  
To complete the difficult task, 
I had to do something that none of the voices had ever to ask, 
I would go undercover in the school, 
I would have to act calm and cool. 
I did get to choose my body’s frame, 
So I chose one to give me fame.  
I admit that I enjoyed my large chest, 
And my small waistline was one of the best. 
My legs were thin, and my body was petite,  
My lips were nice and they tasted sweet.  
I chose my eyes to be a Siberian blue, 
And my hair to be long and golden red untrue.  
I wore jeans and a tank top, 
And brushed out my hair, which was a mop.  
I went to school using a false name, 
With the name Kali, my chest gave me fame.  
The boys all wanted to talk to me, 
But I wasn’t blind, I could see.  
These chauvinist were interested in my chest,  
They weren’t looking at my eyes; they liked my breasts. 
It was no big deal that they liked my body,  
It wasn’t a problem that they thought I was a hottie.  
No one could see through the disguise that day,  
No one could try to shoo me away.  
I ran into my suitor, glad he didn’t know me, 
Because during this game, I needed to be boy free.  
Still, I tripped, like any teenager would,  
And one boy tried to help me as much as he could.  
This boy was lanky, not much to show, 
His shaggy hair almost  a halo of snow.  
I couldn’t catch the color of his eyes,  
My relentless suitor appeared and away the boy flies.  
Hands on my hips, riding lower than I liked, 
I kicked him in the groin area, told him to take a hike.  
I thought about the young girl, who had died, 
Over an egotistical boy she had cried.  
The more I thought, the more I knew, 
Here’s a little secret just for you.  
The boy with white hair so nice, 
The girl had turned his heart to ice.  
He’d loved her, truly as he could, 
But love him back, she never would.  
He was hurt and scarred and would soon join her, 
Unless a change of events there were.  
I changed my mission, from revenge. 
The dead girl I might later avenge.  
In my human body, I changed my goal.  
To heal the boy, and heal his soul.  

How could that new girl stare at him that way? 
Doesn’t she know that I am where the fame lay? 
In my jealousy, I had become blind, 
Until my master opened my mind.  
Soon, the new girl’s façade faded, 
And I felt embarrassed, jaded.  
The new girl was really our angel hero, 
Love stricken for a small town zero.  
I was insulted, why wouldn’t I be? 
That pretty bird picked him over me.  
My master spoke to me of his plan,  
And in front of my eyes, images ran.  
If Aviana, this boy she cared for, 
I could have her begging at my door.  
I couldn’t go out on a whim; I had to plan it, 
I had to use skills, so I had to sit.  
Each day she smiled at him, and my eyes burned, 
How had he, her smile, earned? 
She laughed with him, and held him tight, 
But she wouldn’t be there in the night.  
With my master, we planned our attack, 
To kidnap and use dear little Zack. 
Had jealousy become me over her little pet? 
That, my friend, is a safe bet.  
Not only was it my job, but it was now personal, 
And with my master’s help, I wouldn’t need an arsenal. 
We watched and we waited, letting the angel play her game, 
Her heart would be her downfall, her fire to be tame.  
I watched her sleep, I watched him too, 
Quiet as is noisy a zoo.  
I gathered my equipment, rope and tape, 
And my intention was darker than the night’s black cape.  
I grinned at myself in the mirror, 
The day of attack was coming near.  
I like being human, I truly do, 
The only bad thing is catching the flu.  
Eventually, our lovesick angel caught the disease, 
Probably from a common sneeze.  
I waited in the woods at night,  
And Zack put up a little fight.  
My master helped me calm him, so he could easily be bound. 
I had fought like a dog; he had fought like a hound.  
His wrists and arms lashed tightly behind his back,  
Bleeding from his counterattack.  
A professional gag in his mouth, 
And all his hopes were going south.  
I pulled him to his feet, though he tried to resist, 
Just another weakness that I could list.  
He struggled hard against me, wanted to be free.  
So I knocked him out, he was seeing three.  
Soon, he was unconscious; almost dead to the Earth, 
And a new hatred between me and Aviana would soon birth.  
Dangerous Love 

Sometimes, I wished that I was human to love Zack truly well, 
But the emotion of love didn’t normally ring my bell.  
My stupid human shell caught the flu,  
And staying out of school was the only thing to do.  
When alone, I would talk to the voices of the dead, 
The old, the new, inside my head.  
Fresh from suicide, old from murder, 
My head was a soul herder.  
The flu only lasted a few days, 
But I didn’t know that food could come out so many ways. 
After I tamed my illness, I went to school, 
And the feeling that something wasn’t right tasted cool. 
As a student, I had learned many, who a lesson was to be taught, 
But this particular feeling, my beast it fought.  
I didn’t see Zack, my new best friend, 
The person whom I was supposed to mend.  
He was a sweet young man, he was very nice, 
And to feel him in danger was burning ice.  
I tried to find him, called on the dead for help, 
But I hadn’t heard so much as a yelp. 
No one seemed to care that Zack was gone, 
And now the battle was really on.  
If Zack was considered a nobody, not of any value, 
What reason to kidnap him, and who? 
The vain boy who liked to flirt, 
I knew he would know the dirt.  
He had a grin painted on his face, 
And all I wanted at that point was a bottle of mace.  
I approached him, accusation in my eyes, 
And I wasn’t going to give in to any of his lies. 
He saw the fire, I know he liked it. 
As for my tongue, I had the weapon lit, 
“You wear a grin; you know what’s wrong, 
Will you make me sing you a torturous song?” 
He smiled at me, and it reached his eyes, 
“Hey new girl, I’m not one for lies. 
I have no idea what you think I have done. 
Will you please tell me of what crime I have won?” 
“You wouldn’t be grinning if you didn’t know,” 
I stated, “This act is just for show.”  
He laughed and I wanted to rip his throat out,  
His crime of kidnapping I wanted to shout.  
“Go ahead and sing your beautiful song, 
For you will find I have done no wrong. 
No harm against the beautiful young Kali, 
If indeed that is who you be.” 
I growled at him, letting my disguise disappear, 
“Now, you can tell me, because I am here. 
Where is the young child Zack? 
What was your malicious attack?” 
“Maybe I’ll hurt him, maybe I won’t, 
It’s your call if I do or I don’t. 
I know you’re secret, I know what you do, 
And now Zack’s safety is up to you.” 
I cocked my head, a little confused, 
“For what purpose is this threat to be used? 
What is it that you desire, sir? 
For what purpose is Zack to me to lure?” 
His grin grew vilely wide, 
And I wanted to rip out his side. 
He had an evil intent, putting Zack in peril, 
And my tolerance for evil was very narrow. 
I looked into what were once beautiful crimson ices, 
And before, I had thought that they were the nicest.  
Now, I knew the truth about the nicest eye color, 
They were Zack’s and not another. 
I hated being in love, but it was great too, 
Although he was in danger, my affection was true.  
I took a deep breath, and let out a sigh, 
“Tell me what it is you wanted on high?” 
His eyes were scary and I wanted out, 
But I couldn’t live without Zack; I loved him with no doubt.  
The Master’s Thoughts 

He had the girl; she had fallen for our trap, 
Soon, she would take an eternal nap.  
I had told him that a kiss from her was my price, 
He thought that the angel’s kiss would be nice. 
That wasn’t my plan; no kiss to enjoy. 
Poor Edward, the gullible young boy. 
Aviana’s kiss was a mark with many meanings, 
And soon her fire would be steaming. 
If she loved Edward, the kiss would be sweet, 
But she hated him, among an angry heat.  
He thought he knew what there was about her to know, 
But he knew nothing other than her show. 
She was the death angel, with avian blood, 
And she did more than just chew cud. 
She liked to get revenge, that Edward knew, 
If you’re a bully, she’d play a game with you.  
What he didn’t know was my art, 
The reason I wanted him to capture her heart. 
She was the last rebel, the one and only, 
Although she was the best, she was very lonely. 
I knew that her love would eventually catch up to the girl, 
And catch up they did, in quite a whirl. 
That girl and I had an ongoing fight, 
Neither of us going to claim we weren’t right. 
I had fixed her kind, the rebels of sorts, 
But she seemed to stay like warts. 
I hadn’t caught her the first time, I let her go, 
But catching her was like running in snow.  
I liked Edward’s kind, despite their black hearts, 
And she was ruining their arts. 
They were right to put the poor in their place, 
The people with no shoes to lace. 
The rich were better, more money than you, 
And the poor people who meant anything were few. 
What had happened to all of her kind? 
They were trapped, screaming in my mind. 
I’d killed her lover; I’d snatched her best friend, 
Hoping to put their stupid games to an end. 
I would have the young girl, the last rebel left, 
And it wouldn’t be a painless death. 
She’d suffer my wrath, feel torture she’d taught, 
All her good deeds pointlessly fought.  
I kicked the young boy’s side, hard enough, 
I liked to play my games very rough. 
I would win this battle, between Aviana and I, 
Because I knew that she could not stand to hear a pained cry.  
Fighting For the Boy 

I followed Edwards into the woods, 
Both of us wearing on our arms and head hoods. 
I felt a familiar presence, one all too painful, 
The feeling told me that the visit would not be dull.  
I gasped upon sight of an old enemy, 
And I should have known that he would be looking for me. 
He smiled as he saw me, knowing that he would win, 
He was one person I could not punish for sin.  
“Dear angel, did you think you had won the fight?” 
He laughed, “I will prove you wrong tonight. 
Your first lover gone, taken by me. 
Is that the same image you want to see?” 
I took a deep breath, not wanting to sound scared, 
I opened my wings, my rebellion to be bared. 
“I wish not to see that sight, 
Can we truly resolve this with a flag of white? 
My freedom, that is what you want to steal, 
So you kidnapped Zack, to make the deal. 
You let me run for hundreds of years, 
But you also watched all of my tears. 
True, my first lover you have taken, 
But he did much damage if I’m not mistaken? 
He fought by my side, fought well and hard, 
And now you treat him as if he were a card.  
The games will never be over, nor will you win. 
If not me, then another will punish your sin.” 
He shook his head for a seductive reply, 
Giving a voice that was very sly. 
“Silly little bird, you can’t challenge me. 
Not with your lover tied to that tree. 
Kill him I may, spare him I might, 
That all depends on the results of the night.  
Kiss my servant, with your mark, 
And the rest of this journey we will soon embark.  
Deny my request, and watch real pain, 
As you view your lover’s life to be drained.” 
I forced myself to look at Zack, 
Torn up from his attack. 
He shook his head and pleaded with me, 
Looking small tied to the tree.  
He begged and pleaded and cried, 
Didn’t he hear that my first lover had died? 
I read his heart, I searched his soul, 
And I saw his goal. 
He wanted to protect me, he didn’t understand, 
The real danger of what he thought was a man. 
He didn’t know the war that I’d fought, 
He didn’t know the lessons I’d been taught. 
Tortured and mocked for many years,  
Never allowed to have any tears.  
I didn’t want to love, and that was the reason why, 
Knowing that I would never be allowed to cry. 
I couldn’t hug my boyfriend; I’d leave a scar, 
And if he kissed me, he’d run very far. 
The one gift that I was given, the reason I was spared, 
Was that I had a kiss that no one would have dared. 
I could kill with my lips, or I could breathe new life, 
I could make someone love themselves, or pull a knife. 
I could control using just a kiss, 
And that was a power I wouldn’t miss.  
I stared at our dark demander, who knew he was winning, 
I could tell by the way that he was grinning. 
“I’ll do what you want if you set him free first, 
I can’t trust you; I’ve seen your worst.” 
He chuckled and replied 
“My dear girl, to you have I ever lied?  
Never mind, that is a fight for another day. 
Free the boy I might, just in a different way.” 
He took out the gag that kept Zack from speaking 
And from his mouth words were leaking. 
He shook his head and pleaded, 
“Please don’t do what he asks; he’s too conceited. 
I don’t want you hurt; I don’t want to lose you again. 
You’re the last rebel; the last avian.” 
His voice sounded different, one that I knew from before. 
A voice that belonged to my partner when we fixed the score. 
I looked up at our dark new presence, and wondered, 
“Father, why both of my lovers have you plundered?” 
Confusion Confession  

She was confused at the image, as I was too, 
My master was her father? I never knew. 
That she was hurt from a very old love, 
As obvious as is white a dove. 
I remembered his price for helping me, 
And how angry I knew she would be. 
A kiss was nothing new to this player, 
Although new was a kiss from her layer. 
I had heard that angel’s barred the sweetest kiss, 
And I was someone afraid it would be one that I would miss. 
My thoughts were cut short as we were in the midst of a fight, 
But I was guaranteed a kiss from her that night.  
Lovers Don’t Die 

I realized why I’d come to love Zack, 
He was my old mate, brought back. 
We were rebels, we were young. 
Together in the darkness we had hung.  
I grabbed Edward by the shoulders, kissing him hard, 
I bit his lips, playing my card. 
Copper blood ran over my tongue, 
And I laughed because he was very young. 
My father and I had a fight of old, 
One that Edward was not told. 
He became mindless, obedient to me, 
I would use him to be free.  
My anger flew through Edward to him, 
Now my father would sink or swim. 
Using Edward, I would win the battle 
As certain as a rattlesnake had a rattle. 
Edward and I created a bottomless pit. 
The only light, the fire I’d lit. 
I looked over to Zack, whom dad had maimed. 
To call on his power, his soul to be named. 
“I, Aviana, shall rule this fight, 
With my mate Leo to help wrongs become right.” 
Soon, Zack’s face faded, and a new scent came. 
Wild black roses, running untamed. 
His hair was dark gold, like his namesake. 
His eyes were a glistening amber lake.  
He was still weak, still bound to the tree,  
And the only one who could free him was me. 
With my father frozen in awe, 
I freed Leo, to help me win this brawl. 
Our fingers laced together tight, 
We, the rebels, would win this fight. 
Leo’s voice was strong and proud, 
My own was considerably loud. 
My father laughed at us, soon to see, 
That we could set everyone free. 
With Edward behind the dark master, 
Dawn arose, but the night outlasted her. 
With my eyes shut in fear, 
Leo’s yell of victory was all to hear. 
As my wings fluttered, he roared, 
And all of our hopes soared. 
The darkness cried out, too late to know, 
That Leo and I ran the show. 
He fell in the pit, followed by Edward, 
And free were all the souls that he had hurt.  
Leo smiled at me, taking me into his safe arms, 
Promising to keep me safe from all harms. 
“I missed you, my angel,” he said with a grin. 
“I had feared that the darkness would win.”  
“Never Leo, not with us around.  
The world is finally, safe and sound.”  
I swear, I heard a dark evil laugh,  
And knowing my history, I could do the math.  
But for the time being, I let Leo hold me, 
Though from the darkness, I knew we’d never be truly free.  

My mother was a bird angel, my father; a lion one, 
I followed, learning to do what they had done. 
I stalked school halls, I watched for a target. 
I am their hybrid child, Regret. 
I was not the only one born to them, 
But the others had no angel stem. 
My siblings were human; I, a freak. 
I was strong, they were weak.  
I loved my job, doing good, 
And my father knew I would.  
I was finally of age, to be a real rebel. 
Fifteen, the correct age level. 
I had studied my spells, I had practiced them right, 
Now it was time for a fight. 
My target came easy, as I thought he would. 
Someone who seemed to have a heart of wood. 
He was the star player for the basketball team, 
And I couldn’t wait to make him scream. 
I carefully planned out my lesson, 
Leaving my mother to do some guessing.  
She made her games very personal, getting close, 
Not to be an angel, meant to be a ghost.  
No, I didn’t just want to spook the boy, 
I wanted to play with him like a temporary toy. 
My first game by myself, 
Memories of father’s help filled a shelf. 
I thought that I found the right kid, 
I watched, and saw that my ego should have been hid. 
The guy I thought was going to be my first game, 
Seemed to find himself very lame. 
He sat on the tub’s edge in the bathroom, 
Holding bleach in his hand to seal his doom. 
I guess I hadn’t done my watching right, 
This wasn’t the kid I was supposed to fight.  
He was suicidal, he wanted to die. 
And no one would listen to his cry. 
I thought the rich were always the bad guys, 
They were the ones in mom’s stories to always die. 
I guess I was too eager, too ready to be like mom.  
This kid wouldn’t even see his junior prom. 
They had tried to teach me what to do, 
If this situation had come true. 
I tried to remember, I hadn’t really listened, 
Looking at the tears on his face which glistened. 
I was his last hope, his last chance to live, 
And here, I had no help to give. 
My parents would have known what to do, 
They could think of ideas out of the blue. 
I was caught up trying to be a rebel, 
I forgot that suicide doesn’t yell. 
He took off the cap, taking a deep breath, 
And I realized that I had no time left. 
I closed my eyes, focused on being real, 
That took up energy, a great deal. 
I knocked the bleach out of his hand, 
Spilling it over the marble land.  
He looked at me in wide eyed shock, 
As if I had hit him with a rock. 
I gasped, not knowing what came next, 
My eagerness had been my hex. 
I felt too weak from the human form, 
And felt my parents arrive in a storm. 
Aviana, my mother, kind and fierce, 
Leo, my father, the dark master they had pierced. 
They carried me home, both happy and upset, 
Their requirements, I had not met. 
It’d be a long time before I got to go out alone again, 
At least until a human sibling became an avian. 
I sighed, and took to my room for the day, 
To sit and sing my life away. 
I practiced and practiced my song, 
And believe me, that practice was long. 
But the practice occupied me,  
And it set my mind free.  
There was more to the game of life,  
Then seeing another’s strife.  
The lesson I learned, the one my mother hadn’t taught,  
Was a lesson well earned, not bought.  
Question everything, you see.  
Because everyone has a story.  
Leo’s Mind 
It had only been about fifteen years, 
Since we brought the darkness to tears. 
Our daughter, Regret, is the only angel child, 
But her need to be a rebel is too wild.  
She wants to follow in our path, 
But too dangerous is her wrath.  
She wasn’t ready to go out by herself, 
And like her mother, wore her heart on a shelf. 
Our other off spring were more mature and ready, 
But the angel traits, I doubt that they had any. 
She wasn’t the oldest, or the youngest of the kids, 
So I had no idea why the power picked who it did. 
She wasn’t ready to be a rebel, not alone that is, 
She wasn’t mature enough for this.  
She needed a partner, someone to keep her in check, 
But assigning her one would be a wreck. 
It wouldn’t be a matter of not finding anyone, 
That was a task that could certainly be done. 
The problem lied with her untamed heart, 
Because for angels, love was a hard art. 
She wasn’t like her mother, queen of the night. 
Finding her a mate would be a fight.  
I figured that she would find her own lover, 
Someone who could really love her. 
As a rebel, Aviana had fallen in love with me,  
Although a suicidal boy named Zack she thought I be. 
I began to relax about my daughter’s nature, 
Even if she were to fall for a perfect stranger. 
With the darkness defeated, she was safe to love, 
Something that would be as beautiful as a mourning dove. 
Yes, soon my wild daughter would find the one, 
Because her time as a rebel has only begun. 
The Parents’ Challenge 

My daughter was as difficult as I had been,  

But this was now and that was then.  

I worked with a partner for most of my life, 

Until my father took his life.  

For the next couple of years, I had worked alone, 

Worried that I couldn’t go home.  

The Darkness, we assumed was gone and she was ready.  

The only problem was that her mind wasn’t steady.  

Leo and I had a difficult task at hand; 

To match our child up with a man.  

This male would not be for her bedded pleasure  

Rather for her gifted treasure.  

A partner to work right by her side.  

Someone to give her life a ride.  

My partner had been chosen out of love,  

But Regret held her job too far above.  

She hated men with a passion; 

Feminist and sexist fashion.  

She didn’t want any help; thought she was fine.  

But we would work to change her mind.  

Leo and I had to start over again;  

And there were no other angels in the den.  

The only choice would be to make one; 

The problem was who, what, when, where and how to be done.  

We went back to our old and torturous game, 

But this time for Regret’s heart to tame.  

We had to find someone who was worthy of the change, 

And we had such a wide variety and range.  

Leo and I agreed instantly on our newest rebel, 

But knowing Regret, she’d make it hard as hell.  

The boy had long reddish hair,  

And blue eyes just as fair.  

The change didn’t hurt if he was asleep, 

And we’d done our research, so for him, no one would weep.  

He was a victim of hazing, ready to take his own life.  

And making him a rebel, ah, revenge for the strife.  

Leo didn’t enjoy the process of changing someone, 

So the job was mine to be done.  

The boy slept peacefully, and he was living alone.  

To tie his hands, I used the cord to his phone.  

My hand covered his mouth while I closed my eyes,  

Not wanting to see the eyes and hear the muffled cries.  

It took but only a moment of our endless time,  

So little it could be bought back with a dime.  

My mother would have thought of it as murder,  

But she had died long ago; my father had hurt her.  

When the boy stopped crying, I removed my hand.  

And the mark of a rebel covered his wrists like a band.  

He looked up to me in confusion and odd hope.  

Like I had somehow strengthened his life rope.  

His voice seemed to be caught in his mouth,  

And the trouble seemed to move to his throat; south.  

I smiled at him, remembering the second time I had met Leo,  

And also the last time I had been a part of a trio.  

“Who are you,” the frightened young teen asked me.  

“The Avian angel, for victims of to be free. 

I am Aviana, a rebel angel with a game,  

And I came to you because my daughter’s heart needs to be tame. 

My partner will train you, and I will watch the progress,  

The game is to relieve victims of their stress. 

Are you in or are you out?” 

My voice was the exact opposite of a shout.  

The boy thought for a moment, then smiled at me. 

“Count me in,” he said in glee.  

“Before we train you to play the game,  

I must know your name.”  

“Those who care call me Jason,  

But everyone’s respect, I’ve always been chasing.”  

I pulled the boy close to me, holding on tight.  

Glad to see this hopeful soul joining this fight.  

 The only fear now would be if he actually got her heart,  

But that hadn’t been in my mind in the start.  


Regret’s Partner 

Jason was assigned to me by my mother, 

And he was an angel like no other.  

I had to help teach him how to fly,  

He almost killed himself on his first try.  

His name was different than any I knew,  

But his heart for the job sure was true blue.  

He often asked me questions when we were out,  

But the girls loved him; without a doubt.  

We kept the bullied from their self-inflicted demise,  

And suddenly, my heart gave me quite a surprise.  

One day, while we were flying around,  

My cold heart broke its own walls down.  

I knew my mom had planned for me to be tame,  

But I had played along just like another game.  

She always told me that I was a lucky one, 

Because the only person that could stop me; dead and done.  

My father said that he would like any boy I chose, 

 And in my chest, my heart rose.  

I didn’t let Jason know that I wanted him,  

Because the chances he wanted me were slim.  

Instead, we went on like we always did,  

Until we ran across a very special kid.  

This young girl had hair the color of snow,  

And her beautiful blue eyes were quite a show.  

I became jealous of her when Jason insisted we helped out,  

But I knew that it would cause my parent to doubt.  

She could see us, but she wasn’t on the brink of dying,  

So I assumed that her story was untrue; she was lying.  

Jason believed her, and wanted to help the best he could, 

Believing that I also would.  

One day, he went to see her without me,  

And that was just fine; I let him be.  

My mother asked me where he was,  

I said, “Following his lust like a boy does.”  

She told me to go and check on him,  

So I went out on that whim.  

The girl’s hair was no longer white, 

And her eyes were no longer a nice light.  

Her hair was a jet black mop of vile lust,  

And her eyes were the color of crimson dust.  

Jason was knocked out on her floor,  

Bound, gagged and bruised; blood and gore.  

He looked hurt and I couldn’t leave him there,  

But to fight her would be a fight unfair.  

With my black and golden wings, I flew at the fastest speed I could,  

Knowing that help me, my family always would.  

I ran into my mother first, and I told her my new trouble, 

And with her, my father and siblings, my fair in the fight would double.  

Mother and Father flew with me to the room the girl was in,  

Sitting there, over Jason, planning a devious sin.  

One look at her, and my parents gasped in fear,  

Meaning that danger was near.  

They informed me that they thought the evil witch was dead,  

Killed over the voice in her head.  

Her only reason to hold Jason was to torment them,  

By torturing him.  

She held him close, as if hugging him from behind, 

She had a very evil ax to grind.  

Her crotch against his back, and a knife at his throat,  

It was sad to think that his tombstone would only be a sticky note.  

His eyes were filled with fear as the blood started to spill from his neck,  

If I ever got my hands on the girl, she’d be a one woman train wreck.  

The three of us left, to go and contemplate a worthy plan,  

And all I wished for in that moment was the blade of a fan.  

The girl would pay for what she had done,  

Even if that meant that I would have to become the evil one.  

So, until we figure out our plan for rescuing my friend,  

I put a pause to my game, but it wasn’t the end.  


The Dark’s Daughter 

When I stared at the boy I had captured, I only held hate for him,  

And that hate was filling my heart to the brim.  

I kicked his side, making him cry out in pain,  

And I was hoping that my efforts weren’t in vain.  

My father had told me that to bring him back to life,  

The ones who had killed him needed to taste the knife.  

Sure, that might mean my sister and my brother-in-law,  

But I have a heart that’s the color of coal, raw. 

I recognized the newest young player,  

Since her mother and father’s looks became her.  

I could sense her love for the young boy at my feet,  

Who was bound and gagged, helpless to his defeat.  

I had told him that I felt like I wanted to die,  

And the stupid hormonal angel bought my lie.  

When he came up to my room, I pulled out my gun,  

But it wasn’t until after that, the fun had begun.  

I pinned him to the ground, although he could barely fight me,  

I teased him, because he’d never be free.  

The silver gag that cut across his mouth,  

Was outlined in blood, and the abuse just headed south.  

He stared at me, hardly conscious but with hate,  

And for my plan to work, oh, I could hardly wait.  

If the young angel really loved this young boy,  

She would do anything to keep him her toy.  

Give up anything, and probably fight,  

But I was Dark’s daughter, queen of the night.  

Jason fell asleep on the floor, pulling even in his sleep,  

And his movement made the rope cut him real deep.  

He was kinda cute, and I loved his fear filled eyes,  

The feeling of love was one that caught me by surprise.  

Once Regret, Leo and Aviana were through,  

I thought that he and I could make one out of two.  

The next time he woke up, I discussed it with Jason,  

But he told me that another girl’s heart, he was already chasing.  

My temper isn’t very good, and that statement made me mad, 

I smacked him across the face, making his bleeding bad.  

I realized I had inherited the green eyed monster,  

But it was his fault; my anger he had to go and stir.  

The jealousy made me like any other girl, only I’m a lot crazier,  

And if I couldn’t have him, he couldn’t have her.  

The darkness had only told me to kill Leo and the avian angel,  

But I figured for my deed, I could afford to work at this angle.  

Jason had been lucky enough to learn how to hide his wings,  

Otherwise, his flying would be futile flings.  

Until the day that my sister came to face me, I’d enjoy the wait.  

Spending every day, building my well-spent hate.  

She had all the time in the world to come save her newest player,  

But there was no way her daughter was safe; I would kill her.  

Crazy much? Yes I know,  

But I want to run the show.  

Until the darkness came back, I was in charge.  

And I held my authority with pride in size large.  

With dark black wings and evil seeping through, making me a looker, 

Earth boys often confused me for a lowly hooker.  

To play this game right,  

A name must be given to every player in the fight.  

Sexy and a bit egotistical, my name is Jennafur,  

And as for my rival; there’s not a person in the world who can save her.  


The New Player 

Not every player in the game had to be dead, evil or own wings,  

Humans could do the practically all the same things.  

The only reason we don’t get as much done is because we close our eyes,  

Too busy attracted to popularity by their promising lies.  

I’d watched Jason, and his pretty little girlfriend, 

And I’ve got to say, I’ve been doing very good on my end.  

Unlike them, I’m not invisible and I don’t have powers,  

But I stand up and unlike all those preppy named people, Daniel never cowers.  

I don’t have wings like Jason, but I’ve got a keyboard and some tech,  

And trust me; I sure can cause a huge social train wreck.  

But then Jason stopped coming around the school to play his game,  

And his girl, she stopped too; one I thought would never be tamed.  

I started to worry, because if they left forever,  

Then my efforts would be just be futile endeavors.  

 I saw the angel girl, hanging with two more just like her,  

And I decided that the only way I could help was to talk to her.  

I knew I wasn’t supposed to be able to see them but I didn’t care,  

I needed their help to make my school once again fair.  

“Hey, girl, angel, creature thingy,” I called out to the three,  

“Come over here and, you know, talk to me.”  

The winged creature looked a lot bigger once she flying overhead,  

Something that I’d only see in my dreams in bed.  

I admit that I was scared, I mean, who wouldn’t be?  

But then I remembered that she wasn’t there to harm me.  

“Tell me, boy, what is it that you want? 

You’re human but it’s like the game; you taunt.”  

“I want to join you in your fight,” I told her,  

“You and Jason and them; I want to be a player.  

I like the idea of your game,  

I like the idea of the bullies, to tame.  

I like the whole plan, and I want to join you.”  

Then I noticed that the angel looked blue.  

“If I thought you could help me, I’d let you fight with us. 

Sadly, your chances of winning are like the chances of being perfectly fine after a hit by a bus. 

The evil Jennafur has stolen my partner from me,  

And I fear that she had a price for him to be free.”  

I scoffed, shaking my head at her doubt,  

Because that was one thing I could do without.  

“Let me stand by your side, train me as hard as you want,  

I don’t care how much you taunt.  

I want to fight with you; I want to help you win,  

Because losing to her would be a sin.  

She’s the queen of hazing; she’s the worst one of all,  

Well, except for that one guy; who shops at the mall.  

If I had known she’d taken Jason away from the game,  

I’d kill her faster than she built up her name caused fame. 

Please, let me fight this battle you’re in,  

I promise you, I truly do want to win.”   

She looked back to her parents, as any child would,  

And they nodded, letting her know that she could.  

“My name is Regret, and you already know Jason.  

These are my parents Aviana and Leo, and it’s time that we are racing. 

For Jennafur is more than just an evil human being,  

She is a lustful daughter of darkness, and she is quite mean.  

If the true dark king were to rise again, our game would come to an end,” 

She sighed, “But I think I’d risk that to save a friend.”  

I knew I had a wicked grin on my face,  

And I couldn’t let a grin like that go to waste.  

“No need to worry about losing the fight,  

Because I will be with you, to make sure that it is right.  

The best thing in a battle is to know your rival’s weakness,  

So you can make sure her threat is worthless.  

Now, if we’re gonna fight, we need to get to work.”  

And I watched as the young angel teen gave me a smirk.  

I could already tell that she was a rebel, a reckless lit match, 

And our hopes of winning, even Jennafur couldn’t snatch.  

That stupid floozy was going down,  

And I’m sure that would please every guy in town.  

With the tramp gone from our school,  

The masters of hazing, the popular kids would lose their cool.  

I had always knew that she wasn’t a human being,  

But to torture a kid like Jason; how could even she be that mean?  

The game was already one that I wanted a part in, 

But now, fighting her was another reason to want to win. 

Righting wrongs and pulling revenge was like a legal high, 

Ending in bullying saying goodbye. 


Another New Trainee 

Daniel was even more clueless than Jason had been when it came to some things,  

But we allowed him to remain human, no powers; no wings. 

He may not have been the brightest guy to have by my side,  

And I have to say, training him was quite a bumpy ride.  

He used this weird thing called a cell phone,  

And explaining it to me made him groan.  

His computer was a very shiny new object,  

But its magic was one I had to reject.  

He was quite handy with his weapon of choice; a gun,  

And with my swords and knives, the true training had begun.  

Once upon a long time ago, my mother had to fight her own kind to play the game,  

But she won that fight, against the darkness which had no proper name.  

Training went a lot faster with my parent’s there to help us learn,  

But our training took a sudden sour turn.  

Jennafur confronted Daniel and I on the training field,  

 And just the sight of her made us have to yield.  

Her power over the ones we tried to save was lust,  

And the fact that someone that evil had beauty was not just.  

She laughed at us, with that female vile sneer,  

Meaning that danger was very near.  

She blinked her eyes, trying to seduce our newest fighter,  

But he was completely repelled by her.  

Beauty wasn’t enough for our newest rebel friend,  

Because he had seen that shallowness is some guy’s end.  

“Well, well, got some training going on here,”  

She said, and her words tasted sour like beer.  

“All the training in the world isn’t going to save your boy toy,  

Because I too have a partner; Edward Roy. 

Your parents should remember him quite well,  

Being the kids that threw him down the metaphorical well.  

He knows your mother’s soft spot for a beaten kid,  

And he also knows what your mother did.  

He was a victim to her game; killed by following his master,  

And he just jumped at the chance to defeat her.”  

“You raised an evil that was supposed to be long dead,”  

I pointed out, “And for that, our victory, you will dread.  

There is a price to pay for the magic that you have used,  

The magic that we were given by birth and that you have abused.  

You should have learned from your father that good always win; 

To let evil win would be a worldwide sin.”  

She shook her head, black hair in the perfect villainess style,  

And Daniel was grinning the whole while.  

I couldn’t figure out what was on his mind,  

Until Jenna’s teeth started to grind.  

She growled in frustration, “I just don’t understand! 

I have always been able to seduce guys; sea or land.  

Why aren’t you interested in me? 

What could it possibly be?”  

Daniel chuckled, shaking his head,  

“I’m sorry to say that you make me like lead.  

You are very pretty, but it doesn’t matter to someone of my kind,  

Because with my own kind, I like to grind.”  

Realizing what he meant, I couldn’t help but giggle along with him,  

But Jenna looked like we had cut off a limb.  

She shook her head, gritting her teeth, very mad.  

“You know, Regret, that your mother and I share the same dad.  

Don’t make the same mistake that your parents made,  

Because the darkness is very hard to evade.  

The only thing I want is to bring my master back,  

But there is one thing I lack.  

In order to bring him back the correct way,  

To permanent rest, his killers must lay.”  

“I’ll never let you touch my parents,” I told the vile female.  

And her laughter hit my spine like volleyball sized hail.  

“When an angel opens up her heart to love,  

It fits like a black leather glove. 

I know you very well,  

And here’s a secret of yours that I will tell.  

I know that you’ll give me whatever I ask,  

If saving Jason is your task.  

I know that you’re training in order to defeat me right,  

But I will have you know that this isn’t your fight.”  

My mother appeared, her golden wings so fair,  

And her sudden appearance was quite a scare.  

She held a straight line on her face,  

And it would be a hard line to unlace.  

“Oh, my dear sister, how long it has been,  

The last time I saw you, I couldn’t even say when.  

Are you happy with Leo, my dear? 

Last I heard, he was supposed to be dead, not here.”  

My mother spoke in a very stern voice,  

“That is no matter to you; my love is not your choice.  

If it’s a battle you want, bring Edward with you,  

I haven’t seen the boy since the day his death was due.  

My daughter is right; there is a price to be paid,  

And I’m sorry to tell you that to death it is you who will be laid.  

An informal challenge is never any fun. 

Besides, you’re cheating with that gun.  

Now, I am telling you that you must fly away,  

Because we will fight you another day.  

Leo and I know the price that it cost to save a life,  

And I hope you don’t plan on ending Jason’s with a knife.  

Killing an angel is far more complicated than that simple attack,  

Don’t you know the story of father and Zack?”  

Jenna no longer looked confident, to say the least,  

But being of true darkness made her a malicious beast.  

My mother’s sister held true evil in her heart,  

And as she turned, I knew that our rivalry was just at the start.