The Knot at the End of the Rope and Other Short Stories



When I was growing up, my father would read or make up science fiction stories to tell me at bedtime. As I got older, I began to read short-story anthologies and novels written by some of the pioneers of science fiction. Their fantastic visions of the future filled me with wonder. Just as a child’s imagination is unfettered by boundaries, these writers were able to make the unknown their own.

I grew with the writers, following the up-and-comers with their new approaches, styles, and understandings. New discoveries led to more scientifically accurate writing and gave the next generation of authors the opportunity to stretch the boundaries of belief even farther. Advances in science, however, also revealed the folly of some ideas that had been put forward earlier, making some of the stories I was so fond of seem just a little more absurd. While new technical knowledge gave credibility to their stories, I missed the early days, when any idea was considered fair game.

I decided to write a series of short stories in the style of the early years of science fiction, before scientific knowledge was king, when imagination drove authors to create stories “ that a young boy could dream about: traveling to the stars and having fantastical adventures, while falling asleep to the voice of his father.