The Democratic Asylum: A Political Manifesto

Chapter 1.

The beginning of the end!

When I was young, I never really followed politics. This would all change in 2015, when Donald J Trump announced his candidacy for president. The democrats believed that their candidate was the anointed one and was a sure bet to win the election and give them a third term of Barack Obama. They would find out in 2016 that was anything but reality. I knew when our now president came down the escalator, I was looking at the next President of the United States of America. I was in a small majority!

All the polls were showing that Mr. Trump had no chance of ever being elected. We would later find out that polling data didn't even come close to matching up with reality. There was a silent majority and they were going to speak loudly. Each campaign rally that was held had record numbers of attendees. The media quickly caught onto this anomaly and began nonstop covering them. They weren't doing this to accurately report the news, but to report on what was said as it shocked them, and they couldn't believe some of the things a presidential candidate had the audacity to say. This was the beginning of the end of political correctness for