The Christmas Culprit

The Christmas Culprit

It was quite the peaceful day in Endsville, with very little going on. It was December twenty-fourth the night before Christmas. Kids nestled in their beds, parents snuggled up watching their favorite soap operas and telenovelas. Everything was right where it should be. Clocks were ticking, and all that could be heard was the bare vibration of a hum.

There aren’t many special things going on in Endsville. It's a pretty quiet town, with little to no things to do. The kids go to school throughout the week, and go party and go to the movies on weekends. They solicit in random spots, talking about non-relevant topics, to let the time go by. Nonetheless it's still a quiet town, with little to nothing to do. Who would’ve thought there would be someone stirring waiting to make ends meet.

Chapter 1: The “Empty” Store

Thomas travelled to the store trying to get something to eat. Mary soon followed, as she usually plays the role of his accomplice. This was a normal night, in which, normal, predictable things happen. There were little to no people at this store, as Thomas and Mary enjoyed their late night escapades. Great friends they were at the time, with moments of happiness and moments of stillness. They created a bond over the years, as they’ve been friends since the age of sixteen. They are now nineteen, same month, same year, same week, just a couple of days apart.

“Lets get some Pringles this time,” said Mary. “What’s up with you and pringles?” asked Thomas. Before Mary could give her usually sly remarks, Thomas again responded with, “Ugh, okay.” Mary made a grimace, she usually gets her way, Thomas just adores having her as company in his very introverted life. She’s the little bit of happiness that he gets through his social interactions. Off to the next aisle they went, Thomas bent to get his favorite treat, “Chocolate Covered Raisins.” He loved this as a kid, and everytime he sees a package from his favorite brand his impulses get the best of him. “Hey! He proclaimed,” as he reached for the package he felt something reach for his behind. Mary turns around only being a couple of feet away. “What?!” she asked, Thomas replied bringing down his tone to his usual, monotone, level. “Um, okay... weirdo.”

“What do you mean?” Mary asked, “What did I do?” “Dude, you just touched me when I bent over, what was the point of that?” “I didn't touch you, Thomas.” Mary responded, in a very honest low-striking tone that brought sincerity even to Thomas’ eyes. “Really??” he asked, I just

felt something...” It was then that they both felt cold shivers around them. The two quickly rushed to the checkout line, and drove straight home. Little to no dialogue was made, just very small comments and remarks with over-pursued giggles. Trying to bring light to what happened, Thomas passed his best friend Mary her chips, “whooo” he said. Slowly moving the chips in a curvy motion while in transit to Mary’s hands. “Hehe.” she responded, followed by four to six long seconds of complete silence. They felt something wasn’t right. Something had definitely changed them.

Chapter 2: What touched me?

Off to Thomas’ house they went, Mary heading straight for Thomas’ bed handing him the remote. “Play something funny.” Thomas responded “Something funny, like what?” “Something that’ll bring the mood up.” “Oh! How about you play something festive-y since it’s the Holidays.” “Like a Christmas story?” “Yes!” said Mary or something on “Disney Plus!” “What’s the big fuss about that new app?” “Oh my god are you serious? It’s got like all the best shows and movies ever built into one!” “Did you really not love watching Disney shows growing up, or are you too cool now?” “No, I still love those shows, just don’t care too much about watching them right now,” replied Thomas. “Let's watch something a little more, mature?”

It was at that point Thomas and Mary both heard a “thud.” Like something hit the window behind them, a gentle yet demanding presence. They both looked back simultaneously in shock, “Uhhh okay.” said Thomas. Mary still quiet just staring at the windowsill behind them, “hehe.” Neither of them knew what to do. It’s a quiet town, nothing really happens here. there’s little to no strange things ever happening. It’s only around ten p.m on a Saturday night and most of the community is resting.

Three more seconds pass by, another “thud” is heard. “Okay I’m going back home Thomas, can you please drop me off?” Before Thomas can even reply, Mary responded with a very dominant tone, “NOW!” Thomas, looking at his best friend, and slightly glancing at the windowsill where the sound was heard. Responded with a “Yeah... sure.” Mary quickly grabbed her pringles, walking briskly to the front door, nothing was said.

End of sample...

Chapter 3: Is Anybody Home?