The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee

Sample read

I can only believe now that she exists and you were chosen to care for and be the guardian of her children as others have been chosen before you.  “You must return and fulfil the request of the Beelady, Bramley. Sindeena’s proclamation still exists and all of Belliza’s children will always be hunted too. You must watch over them and keep them safe until they’re old enough to fend for themselves.” The queen rose slowly from the chair, she pushed the envelope with the remaining golden pollen into her pocket. “I’ll keep this safe, Bramley. We don’t want it falling into the wrong hands.” “Go now, with our blessing, you are free of any obligation to the hive until this job is complete. Return when it’s done, I may have some other work for you.” The king and queen left the room and left Bramley with his thoughts. Bramley went home. He gathered some of his belongings wrapped them up in some old muslin. Then he tied it to a stick and dropped it on his shoulder, locked his front door and headed for the big tree. It was getting dark and rain clouds had suddenly started to gather over the valleys.

 As Bramley approached the old large tree, the grey clouds had a yellow tint to them, he knew that this colour would bring flashes of light and loud thunderous noises. He settled on the branch near to where he knew the eggs were hidden under the leaf and looked around. “I’m sure this was the place,” he whispered to himself. A worried look appeared on his face and he started to buzz around, looking under the leaves. He kept searching but the leaf wasn’t there anymore. A sense of dread began to set in. Without warning, the wind began to strengthen and there was a sudden thump sound as a rain drop hit a leaf next to him. Bramley started to feel dread with the thought that he had lost the eggs, and the words from the queen echoed through his head, “Fulfil, chosen guardian…”  “Maybe the leaf had fallen to the ground,” he thought. He swiftly descended to the bottom of the tree and frantically started to search among flowers and plants. ‘Thump! Thump! The rain came faster and the wind grew stronger very quickly, whistling around the tree. Bramley found himself being pushed and thrown about by the whirling

wind. He began to shout, in the hope he could be heard, “Eggs…babies,” he shouted.  The grass and flowers began to bend and sway in the wind, and he began to struggle to fly forward, pushed back by the wind. The rain poured now and started hitting him hard as it turned into a storm. He realised it was hopeless to keep searching. He looked up at the tree swaying above him, its leaves shiny, wet and dripping. For a moment in the howling wind, he thought he heard a voice, “Here, Bramley…” like a whisper, lost in the wind. 




He looked to where the sound had come from up above him and saw a hole in the tree trunk. It was no good , he thought I have to get undercover . So, he buzzed his tiny wings as hard as he could and made for the hole. He managed to grab the bark around the hole, pull himself through and land inside with a bump. It was dry and soft, and he managed to pull himself up and rest his hands on the rim of the hole and look out. His eyes got blinded suddenly by a flash of lightning and he fell backwards into the darkness. There was a loud bang and rumble of thunder, he lay there and listened as the rain beat down outside…and then unexpectedly, for just a moment, he thought he heard a sound of children whispering with frightened voices, then silence again. Bramley thought the sounds were the wind playing tricks on him. He sat up and again and looked out of the hole at the lashing rain, the leaves being battered and blown. Again, the lighting struck and the hole flashed with light inside and there again, the whispering came from behind. Bramley swung around, but the hole was thrown into darkness again, and the sound stopped. “Who’s there?” Bramley spoke. There was no answer, and again, Bramley spoke out, “Who’s in here? I know you’re there.” Silence…