Move over Shakespeare Tales from the Baron

Crazy Skies

The starlit sky which I inscribe

Remind me of the blackfeet tribe

The white man tried to take his land

From now till death he take his stand

“I shall not leave, and I shall not go

This land is my pride, where my children shall grow”

And grow they will till the mightiest of man

And then I think you’ll understand

Is Anyone There?

I feel I’m lost within a dream

But waking seems too hard for me

I tried, I tried with all my heart

I tried with all my soul

But the game master holds the key of life

And back to start I go

Do What Me You Will!

Sacrifice me now

I cannot wait a minute longer

For if you leave me standing here

My bloodline grows much ever stronger

Painted Face

I’ll put on a painted face

My friends could never tell

And every time I see them

I’ll say I’m doing well

But soon the makeup will start to run

And ruin my disguise

They’ll see the frown that lies within

And see my fragile eyes

The Sign of the Times

This my friend is the sign of the times

And you will see what’s about to come

So hold on tight and close your eyes

And don’t forget to spit out your gum

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the dark

Once again, I cannot sleep

My full restraint, to hold inside

The flood of tears, that I will weep

Why I Left

Get the machine, and fill it up

And let me climb aboard

Point it towards the nearest star

And make a list, of what I’m leaving for