Minnie and Max go to Monkeyland

It is yet another ordinary summer day, and the sun is shining brightly. Minnie is a tall and pretty girl. Her beautiful brown hair and eyes are lit up by the sunlight because she is sitting really close to the window.

Minnie feels the light breeze from outside and looks out of the window. When she sees the beautiful weather outside, she sighs sadly. Minnie wishes she could go outside to play with her dog.

"Can we go out to see Jamie, mom?" Minnie turns around and asks her mom.

She has already changed into a nice pair of jeans and a pink top. Max, her pet dog, wags his tail playfully as if he is asking too. He loves playing outside. Max is a lovely brown dog with a brown and white tail. Minnie got Max as a birthday present, and they have been the best friends ever since.

Minnie's mom smiled. She is watching a show on television. She says to her daughter. "Oh! That mischievous Jamie and his pet monkey!. You can go out and play with him. But try not to get into any trouble with anyone."

Jamie is the boy who lives next door. Since Jamie and Minnie's families are neighbors, they often visit each other and have play dates. Minnie and Max like Jamie's pet monkey, Jack. He is funny and smart and makes them laugh a lot. Sometimes he annoys Max, but they still get along quite well. Max is fond of Jack and protects him, as well as the children too.

"Okay, mom, I will not get into trouble with anyone. See you later, mom." Minnie says, and she gives her mother a peck on her cheek.

Max lets out a playful bark and wags his tail a little. Minnie waves at her mom and walks out of the door, with Max at her heels. "We are going to have fun, fun, fun!" She sings and laughs happily, while Max barks excitedly.