Joyful Family Planner

How to Use This Planner

1. Before you start this journal use the Big Picture page to write down all of the tasks and goals for yourself and your family.
This space is where you are free to write down anything that comes to mind without having to think about when or how you will accomplish them. You can prioritize them in the monthly and weekly sections.
2. Each day, you’ll be using the DAILY section. Start by filling out the “Morning Jumpstart” (preferably as soon as you wake up).
For tips on how to best use Affirmations, Mindful Moment, Gratitude, Exciting Experience, Exercise and more, go to
3. Fill in your top 3-4 priorities for the day
These are the NEED to do tasks that you have to complete today, and will help you stay focused.
4. List Personal and Kid’s task
These are your errands or to-do activities that keep your world in order.
5. Fill out your daily Schedule
Start by filling in the things you must do, followed with a ME time moment for the day.
6. At night, fill out the Evening Release and next day’s gratitude section
This is your moment to release any frustration that you experienced that day and let it GO. It’s an opportunity to switch gears and focus...which, you can use to focus on the joyful moments of the day which you can use to complete your gratitude section for the next day.
 7. Once per week, use the WEEKLY section to reflect on the past seven days and plan your upcoming week.
Complete journal prompts to review the previous week’s accomplishments and to plan the next week’s adventure.
8. Use the Monthly section to plan both big events and related family GOALS.
Goal creation is key to success, include your children as much as you can when creating your family goals. Complete journal prompts to create a mindful experience that will enhance your appreciation of your accomplishments and self-discovery.
9. Complete Challenges throughout the journal
These are activities that will help you with self-discovery, stress release, and connection with your family.
10. All the Way’s You Rocked
Studies show self-appreciation boosts your confidence to accomplish goals. Take this time to APPRECIATE how awesome you are by giving yourself a pat on the back, whenever you accomplish a goal...big or small.
11. Habit Tracker
Keep track of the habits that you’ve completed daily to make permanent changes.
12. Join the Experience
This planner comes with a course to optimize your journal planner experience. You won’t want to miss how you can get the most from your journal at