Fiction With a Twist



For My mom who always took the time to read my newest manuscripts

Thanks for believing in me and reading my stories.

It’s Not OK


"ROBERT WHAT IS THIS!" my wife Sapphire demanded shoving a carton of milk and bread in my face. 
"The groceries you told me to pick up?" I cautiously replied curling slightly inward as I prepared for what was coming. 
 "$3.00" my voice quivered a little as my wife’s eyes flashed red in her anger. 
"THREE DOLLARS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! IF YOU HAD GOTTEN THE BRAND I WANTED YOU TO GET IT WOULD HAVE ONLY BEEN TWO DOLLARS!" she yelled throwing the milk at my head. I just barely ducked out of the way before it hit me. I sighed as it exploded everywhere as it smashed against the wall spilling milk everywhere. I was just turning back around when I felt the bread slam against my head. Thankfully it was soft, unlike the milk, so it didn’t hurt. I frowned at my wife, my once bright blue eyes now dull and lifeless. 
"But hunny..." 
"SMACK!" I cringed as my wife slapped me. Looking at her I lifted my hand up to my now red and throbbing face. I could feel tears threatening to appear but I forced them back. If my wife were to see me crying it would only make matters worse. So instead I just averted my eyes and kept them firmly on the ground as I went to retrieve a mop.
 "I can’t deal with this right now. I am going to go visit my sister. I will be back in an hour and this mess had better be cleaned up by than or I will make sure you regret it." I watched as my wife pulling her purse from a coat rack opened up the front door and finally left. Slamming the door behind her. I sighed in relief as I was finally safe. It didn’t always use to be like this. She used to be so kind and loving. Sure she was a little possessive when we were dating, but nothing ever hinted that she could be such a dragon. Sighing I bent down and began picking up the pieces of the broken milk carton.                              
"Hey hunny, I am heading out now." I wearily called out. I just wanted to run out the door right than but I knew that would only cause more problems. After she had come back from visiting her sister it was like she was a whole different person. She thanked me for cleaning up the milk and apologized for yelling. She even let me watch my football game without calling me names, but I wasn’t fooled. Every time she comes home after hurting me she acts all sweet, apologizes and everything. When this first happened on the night of our honeymoon I believed her and accepted her apology. I really wanted to believe that she was just having a bad day. That is until she did it again the next day, and the next, and every day after. At first I tried talking to her about it but I soon learned that was a bad idea when she pretended to cry blaming me. No it’s better to just stay silent. It’s easier this way. 
"What do you mean you are leaving!?" She demanded storming into the hallway by the front door with her hands on her hips. 
"Hunny don’t you remember the guys and I are going to a football game tonight. I told you about this 3 weeks ago." 
"Oh sure leave your wife here alone. Go have fun with your friends. I will be safe. Let me just let the mask murders know that my dear old husband has decided to leave me unprotected. I am sure they will be happy to hear that. Go ahead do whatever you want." she threw up her hands and stormed out of the room. I hesitated wondering if maybe I should just reschedule, but I quickly pushed that thought away. 
"No Robert, do not fall for this again. You have been planning this trip for 3 weeks now. If you cancel another guy’s night you may never get another chance." I reprimanded myself forcing myself to grab my black coat and head out the front door. I cringed as I heard the front door shut behind me. I half expected to hear Sapphire running after me. Only silence followed though so breathing a slow shaky sigh of relief I quickly walked to our black Volkswagen and jumped into the driver’s seat. I hesitated as I heard a loud bang. Glancing back at the house I expected to see Sapphire standing there with a rifle. The only thing I 
saw though was the rocking chair on the porch banging against the side of the house as the wind rocked it. 
“Get a hold of yourself Robert. You are ok.” Taking one last deep breath to calm my nerves I slowly pressed down on the gas pedal and headed toward the football game.          
“Robert you made it” Kyle called out to me as I approached him and Roger in the stands. 
“I’m surprised you actually came. What has it been now 20 times you’ve cancelled on us in the past year?” Roger laughed looking over at Kyle.
 “No I am pretty sure it was 30.” Kyle agreed chuckling. I smiled wearily at them as I took my seat beside Roger. 
“Yeah Sapphire tried guilt tripping me into staying again but I decided if I did not go today I would never get out of there.” 
“You know I am wondering if maybe I should divorce her. She has been nothing but a living nightmare since the day we were married.” I sighed my nails digging into the blue plastic of the bleachers. 
“It’s up to you bro. but honestly I think you are over reacting. We all have fights with our wives’ dude.” Kyle pointed out.
 “I know but your wives’ don’t beat you.” 
“Robert are you, or are you not the male in the family. She is a woman. How can women beat you up. I mean look at you.” Roger laughed gesturing to the muscles lining my arms and legs. It was true that I was not weak. I was indeed stronger than my wife, as well as taller than her, but the thought of using my strength against her just did not sit well with me. Sighing I reached up to my wavy black hair and scratched my head in contemplation.
 “I know guys but it’s not that easy…” I began. 
“Just stop. All you’re doing is playing victim. You’re a man not a woman. So start acting like one. You are supposed to be strong not weak Robert. Women have always been bossy. It’s natural. So just stop complaining and deal with it. Now let’s watch the game.” I frowned at Kyle, and Roger who were now ignoring me and watching the game. Sighing I decided to call it a night. Waving goodbye I headed home.                                      
 “Hunny I’m Home.” I called out taking off my shoes as I entered the house. It was strangely quiet for some reason which did not sit well with me.
 “Hunny!” I called out turning on the lights as I ventured further into the house. Still no response. I chewed my lip nervously as I continued searching. The last time this had happened she had snuck up behind me and hit me over the head with a lamp. 
Cautiously I slowly entered the darkened bedroom. I was just reaching for the light switch when I felt something smack me hard in the left eye. Falling backwards I look up to see my wife with her hand balled into a fist. Her normally picture perfect blond hair was all over the place. She had a crazy glint in her eyes.
 “H…Hunny, e..Everything ok?” I stuttered my voice trembling from terror. 
“HOW DARE YOU LEAVE ME HERE ALONE! HOW DARE YOU ABANDON YOUR OWN WIFE!” I whimpered as I slowly scooted away from her out of control rage as she slowly approached me. 
“Hunny please. I only was gone an hour.” I begged as she picked up a vase of flowers sitting on a coffee table and threw it at me. 
“DON’T YOU HUNNY ME! WHAT KIND OF HUSBAND LEAVES HIS WIFE ALONE FOR SO LONG!” she screamed throwing a lamp at me. As I continued to scoot away from her I found myself up against a wall with nowhere to run. I fearfully looked up at my wife as she grabbed a chef’s knife that was sitting on the table beside a pile of onions. She had obviously been chopping onions. The moment I saw her approaching me with that knife I knew something had to be done or I was going to die.