Fated Binds

Title Fated Binds

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Series Title The Guardians of Grigori

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Paranormal Romance

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Fated Binds Guardians of Grigori 1 ©2016 Hayes


Back in my dorm room, I looked around. Everything a true Master like me could ever want to play properly with was in my home about an hour’s drive from the school. But here, there were a few pleasantries I could make due with. For the male or female Submissive to be a happy and well maintained slave, one had to be precise in their treatment and their breakdown and subsequent build up. There had to be punishment and reward. Some coddling and intense reinforcement of the pleasurable kind. It wasn’t about beating the shit out of your Submissive, it was about teaching and letting go in a safe and controlled environment where pain and pleasure intertwined perfectly. I couldn’t wait to get Ryane into this room. Or better yet, get her into my carriage house. It didn’t matter to me if she was tied or wanted to tie. A want for both would be exquisite for me but too much to hope for, I was sure. Although, she showed signs of being a switch. She submitted under me tonight, but took control from her bottom position, showing her dominance over her own body. It’d been a long time since I was refused by a woman. While it left me needing a solitary release it was exciting at the same time. Ryane was certainly going to be fun to break.

I grabbed a bath sheet and headed for the shower, turning on the hot water as I got in to ease my aching muscle. The bottle of shampoo was a great lubricant as I thought of Ryane’s large firm breasts wrapped around my cock, stroking and squeezing it while her lips and tongue bathed the tip in her hot saliva. I was so wrapped up in my fantasy that I didn’t hear the shower door as it opened or see Charles as he stepped inside behind me. It was his strong thin fingers that wrapped under my sac that brought me over the top and I came as he dragged his teeth into the edge of my shoulder. I leaned into the wall, panting hard as he drank of me. Sliding his hard cock against me, I moaned in agreement as he leaned me forward pulling my ass toward him so he could spread my legs for better penetration. He spread me open and was inside me quickly, moving as though I might suddenly change my mind.

As if that had ever happened. I have relished these times with Charles since we were teens. When we were just coming into the blood and our hormones and needs to feed were out of control. It was a forbidden act amongst us, for a pure blood to so readily share his blood with the half born, but Charles was always meant to be my Guardian. He needed to be stronger than the others and my blood kept him very strong. Feeling his urgency, I reached around and steadied him. He calmed his pace and we found our rhythm. This was always better than a rub out by myself.




Fated Binds Guardians of Grigori 1 ©2016 Hayes


“I needed to talk to you tonight.”

“And I needed you this afternoon.” His words cut through me. There was a burn to them, and I didn’t know what to do. I needed to defend myself here. I felt cornered like that poor friend of theirs. If I didn’t do something I was going to be knocked out and left someplace to put it together again.

“My parents were Hunters!” I screamed at them. They stopped in their tracks. Seemed that got their attention.

“I just found out… Okay. I was trying to figure out how to tell you.”

“Boss?” Sig’s voice was low and a tad shaky. Charles just stared at Keegan who put up his hand. His head lowered.

“I’ll catch up.” He waited until the two of them were gone before moving. In that time, I felt as though my world were about to implode.

“Who they were… It wasn’t my fault… I never knew. But my mother. Keegan, I was told today that she was murdered by one of your kind.”

I watched his hands become fists. He turned toward me and in an instant I was pinned against the bleachers. He inhaled deeply. His eyes glowing that bright white, as he squatted down and then sniffed back around my throat. I could feel his breath on my skin and I trembled. For the first time since I met him I was frightened. I was seeing what he really was.

“I should have known sooner; it’s why you smell so fucking good to me.” His voice was severe, sharp and cold. “Do you know how many of us were bled to give the Hunters their abilities?”

My breath caught in my throat. I didn’t know what he was talking about. All I knew was I was terrified. It occurred to me that this was what he was trying to do. Trying to scare me. I straightened my posture as he drew closer to my throat.

“What are you waiting for?” I whispered, swallowing hard. “You’ve been looking for the excuse since we met…” I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, pulling him toward me. He fell to his knees, his hands running up my back with urgency as his tongue licked at my throat. I felt the grazing of his fangs and then came a hard pressure and a burn. Like someone pouring scalding water over my body, he clung to me, and I could hear my own heartbeat as it pulsed through the vein. Feel my life’s blood as it was being drained away.

I clung to him, my body growing weak. My legs gave out and he lifted me up. Pulling away from my throat I felt the burn subside, replaced by his kiss on my flesh.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his hands running up the back of my t-shirt, his fingers caressing my shoulders and my back. I pulled his head from me, looking into his grey eyes and smiled as I kissed his cheek.

“You need to go take care of your friend. I’ll be going home, don’t worry about me. We’ll talk tomorrow after I get out of work. Okay? Just pick me up at five. I’m doing an early shift.” I went to stand gathering all of my composure on my shaking legs. This was new territory, I felt my throat, there was no tenderness or mark.

“We have a way of making it a profound experience.” Keegan pushed my hair behind my ear. “Let me get someone to take you home.”

“Just go. I’ll be okay.” I kissed him softly pushing him toward the door. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen in that moment, but I did know that we were back to square one.


Fated Binds Guardians of Grigori 1 ©2016 Hayes


It took me about twenty minutes at my preternatural speed to arrive at the front door to Ryane’s Townhouse. I thought about turning back once I was faced with the prospect of knocking. I started down the steps when the door swung open and she was standing on the stoop, clutching her bathrobe closed. Her hair was up in that messy bun and just a little wet. Apparently she had been in the bath. She met me at the foot of the stairs, her mouth crashing down on mine as her legs wrapped around me.

Oh that taste of vanilla was there. I licked at her lips as I carried her into the house, slamming the door closed behind us. In the dark I spied the stairs and we made it about half way up before she slipped my hand inside her robe and I realized she was completely naked.

I groaned and stumbled, falling back against the railing and down to the steps, she climbed on top of me, the robe discarded. She pushed me back between kisses, pulling my shirt free, then my belt.

“I don’t want to wait anymore,” she panted as she flexed her bare body against me. I was on fire and not arguing, this was what I came for wasn’t it? What I was coming to claim.

I kicked off my boots and she unzipped my pants helping me out of them and my boxers in one pull. I wasn’t quite there yet, but she didn’t seem to care. She took my cock into her mouth and that had me dancing like a stripper on Saturday night.

“Fuck me,” I demanded but instead she sucked harder, using her hands to bring me to the edge. “I said fuck me.” I grabbed her by the hips sliding her over my body. “Grab my cock and put it where it belongs.”

She reached down between her quivering thighs and grasped my cock, her knees on the stairs as I wrapped my hand around her back. “I won’t let you fall,” I whispered gently. She slid down my shaft and I nearly came. She was so fucking tight! It was almost too much for me, but the woman was soon so wet I could glide easily inside of her. She clung to me, her nails biting at my arms and her teeth in my shoulder. If she had fangs it would have been exquisite. As it was, the sensation of her constant bite to keep from cussing was orgasmic. I pulled out of her to come, and she took it to her mouth. It may have been five years, but the girl knew her way around a cock. She had me hard again in minutes. I liked the angle and the mild torture of the steps, she’d have rug burns in the morning to remember the night. I turned her over, so her length was sprawled out over the steps going downward, so I could sit. Sliding back inside of her was wonderful, and the new visual was exceptional. Her large round ass was too much for me to resist and I gave it a little smack. She yelped, followed with a short laugh. So I smacked a little harder and she let out a moan. I rubbed her and smacked her until I felt her clench up on me again. I pulled her up so I could have her breasts in my hands while she came.

“Take me again,” she pleaded. Lifting her hair from her neck. “Please, do it again.”

I tilted her head and as she asked I tore into her neck; she froze up her whole body tightening. Especially around my now exploding cock. I came as her blood spilled over into my mouth. I hadn’t expected it, the vice that she had me locked in was not going to let me go anytime soon, and she wiggled and writhed on top of me. I pulled back from my bite. Licking the wound, making sure to leave no trace of it or its former. She still clung to me, her chest heaving, her hands clenched digging into my thighs in a most luxurious mix of pleasure and pain. I ran my hand up her middle and to her mouth and she sucked in my middle fingers, holding my hand to her mouth. This woman was making up for lost time as she rocked against me, squeezing my cock with the inner muscles of her sex. She lifted and rolled forward, then a little side to side. She was going to fuck me to death, but I wasn’t complaining in the least.


Synopsis –

Vampire Prince falls in love with raven haired beauty from afar…

Scratch that, this is not your mamma’s paranormal romance.


At Grigori University there is a different kind of student body. The Deviant Class. They are the things that kept you awake in the night; the dreams that held you close. From the vampires to Dragon born, Pure bloods and half, there is tension as they are pushed into the laps of human society.


Keegan Teague is a vampire Lord, a prince amongst his kind and the integration is his project, all was going well, until he is blindsided by a woman


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