A Ray of Sunshine

"Mom!! I'm going to be late!!" Ten years old Nina said, running down the stairs carrying her school bag while her puppy Harper tagged along.

“Honey, you slept through the alarm,” her mom replied.

“Baby, come sit down and have your breakfast,” her dad called.

"No, Dad, the school bus is here. I’ll have lunch in school,” Nina said, grabbing a sandwich on the breakfast table and running off towards the school bus.

It is another school year for Nina.

She was feeling excited and can’t wait to get started.

She missed all her friends and wanted to tell her best friend Anna all the exciting things that happened over the holiday.

She ran into the bus and waved goodbye to her mom from the window. She greeted Mr. Dune, the school bus driver. She hurriedly went to sit at her favorite spot.

She reserved a seat for her friend at their usual spot.

"Hello, Nina," Charlotte said, walking into the bus.

"How did your Christmas holiday go?" Charlotte asked, sitting on the spot Nina reserved for her.

“It was fine. I spent it with my family, and my mom took me shopping,” Nina replied.

“Wow! That’s cool. I visited the zoo with my cousins,” Charlotte told Nina.

Nina and Charlotte kept chattering about the places they visited during the Christmas break until they got to school.

“Oh, look at your bestie Anna!!” Charlotte exclaimed.

“See you later,” Nina said to Charlotte while running off to go meet Anna.

Nina and Anna have been friends since they were in grade one, they do practically everything together.

Even their parents became friends because of their children’s closeness with one another. Their teachers always pair them together each time there is group work in class because they both work well together.

"Anna!" Nina shouted, running towards a black car parked in the school compound.

“Nina!” Anna exclaimed.

The girls embraced each other tightly. “Oh! I missed you so much while you were away on a trip,” Nina said, making a face.