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BooksShelf Publishing is now open for submissions

Before you submit your book, you need to know a bit about us and about the publishing process. Please, read the information below before you decide if you’d like to work with us. We’re looking for serious people, new authors or authors with previous work, who are eager to succeed. 

*  You can submit your book manuscript for review with or without an agent – you’re welcome.

* We only accept original works. All manuscripts are run through advanced plagiarism checking software to certify originality.

* We accept fiction and nonfiction, children books and graphic novels as well.

* It’s not guaranteed that we will publish your work. First, we need to review your book and to decide if we’re going to offer a deal to the author. 

What Do We Offer?

If your book is selected we offer several publishing options. You can choose between 1-year, 3-year or 5-year contract or no contract at all. A personal offer is made for every author depending on their needs.

All of them may include: 
– Editing + Proof Reading
– Book Cover (ebook and paperback)
– Formatting (ebook and paperback)
– Book Trailer
– Marketing Plan for the time you decided to work with us, created especially for you.
– Promotion Plan on Amazon, Social Media, our Promotion websites, etc.
– And a lot more, such as mockup designed especially for you, banners, etc. 
– Author interviews and help with building a reputation
– Help with creating your fan base
– Customer support for all of your questions
– And much more….

Basically, your job is what you do best – write! We take care of everything else.

What royalties do we offer?

We pay 75% net royalties, so our authors earn a lot more than they would with a typical traditional publisher.

When should I expect an answer from you?

Usually between 20-45 days. We will respond no matter if your work is accepted or not.
Due to an increase in submissions, it may take us longer to provide a formal response to a submitted manuscript.

How much does it cost?

It is free to submit, of course. 

The publishing costs may vary between $500 and $10000, depending on which option you choose and what you need. It also depends on your content, word count, etc. 


Why is it paid? 

Simply because this way we can give a chance to more books. If we get some help from the author, we may do a lot more for the book.  This way we can give a chance to new authors, risky books and we can afford to pay 75% royalties. Overall, the idea is to split not only the bill but the risk!

If you think you can handle the pressure of being a successful author - Submit your book

Please, Submit The First 3-5 Chapters of your book.


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