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Writer's Block? What now?

Almost every writer has suffered from writer's block. At least once, twice .... or maybe more than he/she would like to admit. It is a perfectly normal condition! If it's a disorder or not, we can't say but it's an unpleasant feeling anyway. For a writer, not being able to write is painful.

But you can't force art!!

Unfortunately, this block can delay your writing for days, months or in worst cases years.

How to overcome it?

Every writer has his own relaxing mechanism, every person has. If you haven't found yours, maybe it's time to try different ways to help your creativity return.

Relax and stop self-criticizing and comparing to other writes!

First, you need to believe in yourself! Self-doubt, self-criticism and the strive to perfection are the main causes of the writer's block! Relax! Everyone makes mistakes, they are what makes life fun! You're not perfect, no one is, but you are Unique! That's what matters!

Go on a walk, watch a movie, listen to music, do some exercises, play a game!

Do what makes you happy! Leave the writing world for a bit! Don't read a book, don't stare into your novel... just get away and have some fun! Running or having a long walk with your headphones on can make miracles with your psyche! It will relax you and you'll find that when you're not thinking of writing the ideas and words will start flowing into your mind!

Read your previous chapters!

When you have no idea how to continue... read your own novel! You'll find that this will help you to get back on track with your story. And you'll improve your mood while seeing how much great job you did already!

Remind yourself why are you doing this!

Go back in time and remember how writing made you happy, how writing helped you overcome your fears, how writing was your escape!

Hang to that feeling and write because you love it, not because you have to!

And stop putting so much pressure on yourself!

Art is to make the world beautiful and colorful! You're a creator that gives a lot more to the world that you can imagine! Keep writing, keep being messy and be proud of yourself!

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