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Write a compelling Romance novel 

Write a compelling romance novel 


Everyone has been in love at least once in their life, and it seems that we all know what Love is, right? However, many will agree that it is challenging to write about love in a way that would be well accepted by the readers.

Another thing that is good to mention is that romance novels are not only quite popular, but this is also a $1.8 billion industry. Therefore, let’s try to reach perfection in writing a compelling romance novel.


First of all, it might sound controversial, but romance stories are not about love only! In order to craft a compelling romance novel, you have to build strong main characters. Romance stories are all about the characters and their personal development. You have to create strong and relatable three-dimensional characters. We are all human beings and we are all driven by our emotions; therefore, you are supposed to create such character that the reader would relate to.  As a writer, it is your task to construct a character that is complex, vulnerable, and the most important – empathetic. Keep in mind – a character who feels real is an attractive character. 

Next, it is the setting in your book that will create the mood and atmosphere of your story. That’s why think of a distinctive setting for your book. Creating a specific setting will give the reader the idea of the time, place, environment, and even character development. Wrongly, many authors think of the setting in the book as a backdrop, when it is something of crucial importance. It is actually the vivid description of the setting that will improve the story’s flow and help the reader shape a better idea of the story.  

Another point to consider is the emotional and romantic tension the reader is looking for in the book. It is the conflict that keeps the heroine and the hero apart, their internal fears and misbeliefs are holding them back. Therefore, it would be a wrong approach if you give the reader the whole romance before the tension. Keep that tension for as long as you can in order to keep the reader engaged.  

Having said that, a good point to mention here is emotional progress. Just keep the momentum going and get rid of that annoying feeling that nothing is changing. Do not let the reader feel that there is no progress and things will remain the same till the end of the book. Remember that you can always add something spicy and revive the relationship between the characters.  

Also do not underestimate the role the secondary characters play in your novel. The secondary characters are of paramount importance because the story wouldn’t be complete without them. They interact and motivate the main character, reveal key details, and help the reader to easily acknowledge the main character’s battle.  

And of course, we can’t discuss romantic novels without mentioning the love scenes as well. Describing the love scenes in your book might be extremely challenging. One thing you can do though is to study the intimate scenes you think are well written and pick up the best lines. Don't forget that intimate scenes are not about sex only, but about psychological attraction, trust between the characters in the couple, and everything that comes before sex actually. Remember that your intimate scenes should prove the development of the character in some way and advance the plot.  

And last but not least, we have to think of a happy ending. Romance novels imply that there will be a happy ending and this is one of the reasons people enjoy reading such books. No matter how hard it has been for the main couple to find their happiness and all the twists and turns in the plot the readers have witnessed, the main characters should end up together. Of course, it is not necessary to be ‘happily ever after’, it would be enough for the reader to take a deep breath and rest that finally, everything comes to its place, at least for a while.


These points should have given you an idea of what the romantic novel should include. Yet, romance is a very profitable genre and one of the best-selling on the planet, that is why many authors would like to master the art of writing a compelling romance novel.  

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