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How to write a Sci-Fi novel?

Last week, we covered some useful tips when starting a new novel, but today we will dive a little bit deeper and get more concrete. Sci-Fi novels are among the most popular choices for readers. A huge pro in this genre is the fact that there are fewer borders than in any other book genre. You can write almost everything you can think of without worrying if it will fit your book. Of course, you should always pay attention to things you add to your book because they might be in conflict with the book's story or they might not make sense in its context. Writing a Sci-Fi is not that easy as it may sound but don't worry, in this article, we will provide you with tips that you should follow when writing a novel in this genre.

Setting the scene

In this genre, if you want to be successful, it is pretty important to create an interesting world. Making your book's characters and places unique is a huge step towards getting your readers' attention. Book lovers enjoy the little details you put in the novel, it makes them feel that you have given a lot of effort in pleasing them. You can teach real-life lessons and experiences expressed by your world full of fantastic creatures and characters.

Having bright ideas

One of the crucial things in this genre is having ideas. Ideas that have never been done before, or were not expanded greatly in the specter you want to expand them. You can begin your journey by reading some older books to see if your ideas have already been exploited. You can always get a used idea and bring life to it by showing your way of thinking to the wide public.

Create a good story

The story is pretty much the most important part of a book, even if it is a Sci-Fi one. You should always have a great story on your pages to tell your audience. After all, if they have bought your book, they would have the expectations to read something interesting and different to isolate them from their everyday life. You should put a lot of science in your novel, but you should never ignore the story. If you want your book to be successful, you will have to learn how to mix these two aspects together. By doing this, you might make your readers fall in love with science even if they have never loved it before. If you focus only on the science though, you will make your book feel boring, or maybe even irritating to some. If they wanted to read facts only, they would have bought an encyclopedia. Your book should have the ability to be used as a fun and interactive way of learning new things. Of course, since it is a fiction book, it is not necessary that everything you write about in your book is scientifically proven. This is the thing that makes your book so interesting. The theories that will pop up in people's heads while reading it. The questions that will make them have sleepless nights, thinking about the possible outcomes if your book became a reality.

Another thing that is mandatory for your novel is character development. It is almost impossible to have a good book without great characters. It doesn't matter if your characters are human, trolls, or aliens, they should all bring something unique to the table. This way, you will make people learn real-life lessons about other people. They will relate to your book's characters because they will find pieces of themselves in your novel. The relation is a pretty strong feeling. So strong that it might make your readers ask you for a sequel, a sequel in which they would want to see themselves again. See themselves in a light that they have not even imagined before. This is how strong your book can become if you put enough effort in.

Why should you write a Sci-Fi novel?

There are a lot of reasons behind a possible decision in this direction. First of all, Sci-Fi novels can be read by people of all ages, which directly increases the number of possible readers you will have. Other than that, writing a book in this genre will make you see things from a different perspective and display real-life situations under different circumstances, making people learn a bit about themselves and have a lot of fun at the same time. If you have the imagination to create a world like this with your pen and paper, don't hesitate and start writing. Sci-Fi is the best way to mix up reality and fiction in one, which suggests a pretty interesting book that will blow people's minds and make them question their own existence.

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