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How to market your book on Twitter

 OK! Face it and confess it – you have to be on Twitter! Twitter will teach you things and you can market and promote your books on it as well. You have to state your availability to the public and accept that it is essential nowadays. You, especially as an author, need to exist somewhere on the internet, so that the readers feel they have access to you and they can build a connection with you. This is a new way of marketing and promoting your book and eBooks.  

So, let’s check out some good and easy ways and reasons why you should be on Twitter and why this is one of the best places you should promote your books.

Twitter is a great place to network; it will help you meet more authors, find out information, to read about new books and book teasers. Actually, Twitter is your voice and it will allow you to communicate fast and to the right people!  

So, first things first – if you don’t have an account - you have to set up one. People use Twitter to talk to each other, readers would love to interact with their favorite authors too. Also, Twitter can send a great amount of traffic to your websites and blog, because it is a channel best used for networking and visibility. When setting up your account on Twitter, don’t forget to mention something about yourself and make sure to put a link to your website or blog, if you already have one.  

The next thing is to start posting on Twitter, and we are not saying it is mandatory, but believe us - it would be beneficial to post regularly. But remember - quality over quantity!  What you should consider when posting is the value your posts have, this means that your posts should educate and inform your followers, bring reliable information to the public, or just be entertaining. Also – don’t be afraid to state your opinion, because this will bring you even more followers, be sure that there will be some who will support your point of view and some who won't. Don’t hesitate to post your opinion, but just try to write it in a way that is not confrontational and offensive.  

One of the most important things is to get involved with the community, to comment, and to participate in conversations with people on their posts. This is a very good and convenient way to build up Twitter followers and just start off simple. If you come across an article or a book, that you really enjoy and think is of good quality then state your opinion and write what you think about it. Also, you can use the opportunity to promote your book, but in a very gentle way, without being annoying.  

Always, try to keep your book alive by spending time answering questions from readers, adding details, and interacting with other authors. Another useful tool is, once you have published your book you can make it public that you are accepting reviews and encourage people to write their views and opinion on your book, which will sparkle a conversation.


Another great feature on Twitter is that you can create a list, where you can add people to a list of anything you like.  You can add accounts of people that you think, post valuable information, or if they are posting book reviews and share their opinions about an author and you are interested.  

You can post tease elements of your new book and get your readers excited. Of course, you can’t reveal the juicy stuff about the book you are about to publish, but you can always share a curious hint which the reader might not expect. Therefore, if you don’t want to spoil the best part of your book – teasing it without revealing would be the best approach.  

To put it in a nutshell – the real key to success is patience because success is made of many small steps in the right direction. Therefore, one tweet won’t drive hundreds of followers and won’t bring you tons of sales, but it will put you on the right track. Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for sure, and if you use it right, it will benefit you a lot when it comes to advertising your book and making sales.  Bear in mind that it is where many of your readers are and remember – book marketing is all about your book discovery.  

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