Exclusive Interview with

David E. Miles

Let’s start with your Career as a writer!

When did you start writing?

I have written all my life, mostly poetry but for several years I wrote for a very successful football fanzine. I would always write books and make up characters for my son and read them to him when he went to bed. Now he is 9, this pleasure has gone as he far too cool for Dad's ramblings!

What makes writing your passion?

I like the freedom it gives you, you can work anywhere, wherever the mood or inspiration grabs you.

How long have you been writing?

Probably 20 years

What was the feeling when you published your first book?

Relief! I spent years fretting that I had written books but never did anything with them and it would nag me that they were just sat there. Once I saw the book online, it was a mixture of pride and nervousness!

What’s the story behind your choice of characters?

My first book is named after my son and the characters were made up in my head. I wish i could be more profound but I am afraid I can't!

What annoys you the most in pursuing a writing career?

I think it is the fact that there are many talented writers out there but their work goes largely unnoticed because they perhaps don't have perhaps the budget to spend on advertising. This is a real shame. if you have a talent, money shouldn't be the driving force for you to get it out there

How do you get over the “writer’s block”?

Usually I walk away for a minute/hour/days/weeks! For me it is the only way. You can't force it and if you do, you get a sub-standard result. Go and do something that inspires you, which for me is music or playing with my son. I also try and start on a different part of the story and work your way backwards

We all know the writer’s path is never easy, what makes you keep going? What advice would you give to new authors?

I keep going because I really enjoy it. As for new authors, my advice is keep going and get your work out there. Even if you only sold 10 books, that is 10 people you have shared a dream/idea with and if just one is inspired or liked it then you have been a success. Also, dont be your worst critic. I flit between thinking my writing is good and rubbish but we all have doubts and try to overcome them. The absolute worst thing is you might not sell any books

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say?

Think about the future more and dont be an idiot

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with the bad ones?

I read them but try not to get too excitable about the good ones of the bad

What is the feeling when you get a good review?

I love it, obviously! It is nice that an idea that i created has given somebody some joy

Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?

Not yet!

Which of your characters you can compare yourself with? Did you base that character on you?


What do you think, the book cover is as important as the story?

It is the first thing people see and needs to stand out on the books shelf

Do you connect with your readers? Do you mind having a chat with them or you prefer to express yourself through your writing?

No I don't mind at all

How do you feel when people appreciate your work or recognize you in public?

It never happens!

Who is your favorite author? Why?

What’s the dream? Whom would you like to be as big as?

Julia Donaldson! My dream though is to do this full time!

Would you rewrite any of your books? Why?


If you could switch places with any author – who would that be?

What would you say to the “trolls” on the internet? We all know them – people who like to write awful reviews to books they’ve never read or didn’t like that much, just to annoy the author.

I am not sure I can swear so lets leave it here!

What would you say to your readers?

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing! Let’s talk about your Personal Life!

Share a bit about yourself – where do you live, are you married, do you have kids?

I am married with a son

What is your day job if you have one?

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

Football, Golf and Family

Did you have a happy childhood?


Is there a particular experience that made you start writing?


Do you have unpublished books? What are they about?

yes, three at the moment

What do you think should be improved in the education of our children? What do we lack?

If you were allowed 3 wishes – what would they be?

1. that my sister was still alive
2. My son remains fit and healthy
3. have enough money to write full time

What is your favorite music?

mostly Indie/Rock. The Smiths, Janes Addiction, David Devant and His Spirit Wife, Gaz Coombes

Share a secret with us 🙂

Thank you! We wish you the best of luck for you and your art!