Exclusive Interview with

Christian Warren Freed

Let’s start with your Career as a writer!

When did you start writing?

I didn't take it seriously until I got ready to retire from the Army about 10 yrs ago. Before that it was a book here and there, but work and war keep me busy. When my time in uniform wound down I started thinking of how to make a real go at it.

What makes writing your passion?

It gets the voices out of my head?

How long have you been writing?

Since I can remember. I started with goofy comic books, short stories, won an award in 10th grade for a terrible novel. The rest just snowballed.

What was the feeling when you published your first book?

Elation mixed with being incomplete. I hadn't found and agent so I self-published. This was before it was considered legitimate. I felt like I wanted more, needed more. A decade later and here we are.

What’s the story behind your choice of characters?

I love writing military fantasy and scifi. My characters reflect what servicemembers go through, shadowy politics, and all the good things we love about the genres.

What annoys you the most in pursuing a writing career?

How do you get over the “writer’s block”?

Never had it.

We all know the writer’s path is never easy, what makes you keep going? What advice would you give to new authors?

TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN THE BUSINESS!!!!! You are the CEO of your own brand. If you don't put max effort into it who else will?

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say?

Nothing. I've been following the plan since the first time I jumped out of an airplane with a full combat load.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with the bad ones?

I skim them. Bad ones motivate me. I see their comments and go back through that book to see what I can fiddle with to improve the situation.

What is the feeling when you get a good review?

The one thing every author needs to remember is reviews are for the other readers, not us. Like it or don't...either way, thanks for taking the time to write back.

Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?

All the time. I fought in 3 wars. How can I ignore that?

Which of your characters you can compare yourself with? Did you base that character on you?

What do you think, the book cover is as important as the story?

Absolutely. Editing and a great cover- that follows current genre trends- are imperative to success.

Do you connect with your readers? Do you mind having a chat with them or you prefer to express yourself through your writing?

I love it when people reach out to me. Social media is bs- who really needs it, right? but it gives me the best opportunity to speak with readers and see what's on their minds. At the end of the day, I'm trying to sell them on me. The books will follow.

How do you feel when people appreciate your work or recognize you in public?

Its the best feeling. The money is cool, but I really want people to enjoy my books and share how they feel with others. That's the real reward.

Who is your favorite author? Why?

I don't do favorites...of anything. Strange really but I am a middle of the road kinda guy. If I like your first book there's a good chance of me getting the next.

What’s the dream? Whom would you like to be as big as?

I want the world.

Would you rewrite any of your books? Why?

I touch them up and reedit from time to time if I see low sales figures or that dreaded WTF review.

If you could switch places with any author – who would that be?

None. I want to be me, despite admiring a few authors over the years.

What would you say to the “trolls” on the internet? We all know them – people who like to write awful reviews to books they’ve never read or didn’t like that much, just to annoy the author.

Nothing. They are the bugs on the windshield.

What would you say to your readers?

Follow your dreams. Don't settle. Do everything you can to improve your life and never stop learning. That's how you win. Oh and Beat Navy!

Thank you for sharing! Let’s talk about your Personal Life!

Share a bit about yourself – where do you live, are you married, do you have kids?

I was born in Buffalo but retired down in North Carolina. I've been married for a decade (this time) and its going stronger each year. We have 2 children that are officially out of the house....you know the deal.

What is your day job if you have one?

I spent 20 plus years as a soldier/ warfighter.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

I read, love walking my giant Bernese Mountain Dogs, puffing on a great cigar with a glass of even better bourbon. Oh and chess....gotta keep the mind sharp.

Did you have a happy childhood?

Yes, but it was hard. We grew up dirt poor and I think I am better person for it.

Is there a particular experience that made you start writing?

Nope, it's always been in my blood.

Do you have unpublished books? What are they about?

I have a few here and there I'm pondering what to do with.

What do you think should be improved in the education of our children? What do we lack?

Everything should be improved! The entire system is broken and ineffective. Kids today lack vital life skills we were taught before 1990. Hell, I remember taking a history test, then going to make bacon in homeq and off to shop to build a birdhouse all in the same day.

If you were allowed 3 wishes – what would they be?

Nah, wishes mean nothing unless we are willing to get off our backsides and make them happen. What can I say, I'm a realist.

What is your favorite music?

I LOVE heavy metal from the 80s. Its what I grew up with and fuels my imagination, but now time has mellowed as I approach 50 so I dig country, big band, jazz, swing, and classical.

Share a secret with us 🙂

Then it wouldn't be a secret, would it?

Thank you! We wish you the best of luck for you and your art!