Exclusive Interview with

C. T. Phipps

Let’s start with your Career as a writer!

When did you start writing?

I wanted to write as soon as I learned how to. I wasn't any good but scribbled away from the time I was seven or eight onward. I got readable about the time I graduated college.

What makes writing your passion?

I write the kind of books that I would want to read: cyberpunk, space opera, post-apocalypse, urban fantasy, paranormal, and superheroes.

How long have you been writing?

What was the feeling when you published your first book?

Absolute astonishment and joy. It was a real milestone in my life but as soon as I was done, I did my very best to move onto the next one.

What’s the story behind your choice of characters?

Depends on which one you mean as I have about twenty books now and multiple series. The story behind all of them is simple, though. They appeared in my head fully formed and demanded I tell a story about them.

What annoys you the most in pursuing a writing career?

Marketing. Its a dog eat werewolf world on the internet but you have to do a lot of the footwork yourself if you want to get noticed.

How do you get over the “writer’s block”?

I try and immerse myself in the genre that I'm trying to write in. Watch Spider-Man movies if I'm writing superheroes, Star Wars if I'm writing space opera, and Blade Runner if I'm writing cyberpunk.

We all know the writer’s path is never easy, what makes you keep going? What advice would you give to new authors?

I love what I do and you should always write for yourself first. If you love what you create then you will find your audience eventually.

If you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, what would you say?

Patience. Keep working at it. Edit, edit, edit. This is a marathon not a race.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with the bad ones?

I think that bad reviews sometimes say as much as good reviews. You have to learn from them. Sometimes they're also just wrong like the reviews I got for being "too diverse."

What is the feeling when you get a good review?

Pride. I love that people loved what I wrote and that's really all I want from sharing my work.

Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?

I'll skip.

Which of your characters you can compare yourself with? Did you base that character on you?

I think all of my characters have some of me in them. Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless the Supervillain without MercyTM (The Rules of Supervillainy) shows my frustration with the world as well as geeky side. Jane Doe (I was a Teenage Weredeer) reflects my growing up in a small town. Peter Stone (Straight Outta Fangton) is my sardonic workaholic side.

What do you think, the book cover is as important as the story?

I feel like its your initial pitch to the audience. If they see the story in the cover then it's a good cover.

Do you connect with your readers? Do you mind having a chat with them or you prefer to express yourself through your writing?

I do my best to connect with my fans via social media. I've met a lot of friends that way. I also feel like you can get a lot of neat insights into your writing from strangers. Sometimes they know more than you do.

How do you feel when people appreciate your work or recognize you in public?

I'll skip.

Who is your favorite author? Why?

Tough call. I think I'll say Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, Laurel K. Hamilton, Timothy Zahn, Matthew Stover, Charles Stross, and David Niall Wilson for starters.

What’s the dream? Whom would you like to be as big as?

I work in stretch goals. I'm happy where I am and happier every time I reach a new goal.

Would you rewrite any of your books? Why?

Nah. The time for that is before you release it. By that point, I am very satisfied.

If you could switch places with any author – who would that be?

Nick Spencer. I'd love to write Spider-Man.

What would you say to the “trolls” on the internet? We all know them – people who like to write awful reviews to books they’ve never read or didn’t like that much, just to annoy the author.

I think they're very bad people who are ruining it for the rest of us. I have a thick skin but I know they've hurt a lot of people with more fragile egos.

What would you say to your readers?

Thank you! Keep reading and reviewing!

Thank you for sharing! Let’s talk about your Personal Life!

Share a bit about yourself – where do you live, are you married, do you have kids?

I live in Ashland, Ky with my wife and three dogs.

What is your day job if you have one?

I'll skip.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your free time?

What free time? But I like to relax with movies, video games, and comics. Those count as research material now.

Did you have a happy childhood?

I'll skip.

Is there a particular experience that made you start writing?

I'll skip.

Do you have unpublished books? What are they about?

I'm currently working on the seventh Supervillainy Saga book, "The Horror of Supervillainy" and third Bright Falls Mystery, "A Nightmare on Elk Street."

What do you think should be improved in the education of our children? What do we lack?

I'll skip.

If you were allowed 3 wishes – what would they be?

I'll skip.

What is your favorite music?

Heavy Metal like Blind Guardian, Halestorm, and Sabaton.

Share a secret with us 🙂

Can you keep one? Yes, well, so can I.

Thank you! We wish you the best of luck for you and your art!