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Yani The Unicorn And The Day Mommy Went To The Moon

Yani The Unicorn And The Day Mommy Went To The Moon


Belle Brown


Fiction, Children Books

Publish Date

August 1, 2020

Short Description

When little Yani woke up that morning, she knew something was different. She knew that her mommy, a unicorn with magical healing powers, went to the moon to help the moon rabbit who was sick. That meant she had to spend that day all alone for the first time. She didn’t want to get up. Why would she? She would sleep all day until her mommy came back.



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This heart-warming story celebrates the magical bond between a mother and her child. It touches on separation anxiety and focuses on how having a deep parent-child connection can help our children feel safe and secure in their own little worlds while they explore life around them. A relatable theme for families with working parents or working moms.

Perfect for bedtime, nap time or any bonding time, Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon provides a valuable opportunity to build connection with your child, assure your child that he or she is loved, and that mommy will always come back.

Grab your copy of this easy-to-read picture book and find out how Yani got through the day without mommy.

  • Introduces young children to the concept of working motherhood.

  • Helps ease a preschooler's separation anxiety with its reassuring message that mommy will always come back.

  • Vibrant colour illustrations will captivate young children.

  • Simple vocabulary and short sentences make this a perfect story for young readers to practice reading aloud.

  • Helps early readers recognise and remember high frequency sight words which are highlighted in the book.

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If you also enjoyed I Turned My Mom Into a Unicorn or Llama Llama Misses Mama, you will definitely fall in love with this beautifully illustrated Mother's Day book, Yani the Unicorn and the Day Mommy Went to the Moon.

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Belle Brown

Belle Brown


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