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Raymond Bolton



Publish Date

July 6, 2021

Short Description

Death wasn’t the end of everything for Warren Sumner, not with unfinished business to attend to and a partner to kill.

Infuriated over the late night attack that has left him and his children murdered and his wife fighting for her life in an ICU, Warren returns to the world of the living to take revenge against the trio of street thugs who attacked them, and also against Jordan, his business partner, who has embezzled their investment firm’s assets.

It’s a race against time as Jordan prepares to flee the country, taking millions of dollars with him in an elaborate scheme to elude law enforcement. In order to to keep the firm from collapsing, leaving all of its employees and investors destitute, Warren struggles to find a way to stop him… not an easy task for a disembodied person with no easy way to communicate with the living.


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On a dark San Francisco night, WARREN HOLMES and his children are brutally murdered, and his wife, BRANDI, is left for dead. “I will get you,” are Warren’s last words to the killers before he finds himself being drawn into a Tunnel of Light from which he may never leave. Although his children and other deceased loved ones lie within, Warren resists their call to join them and, instead, fights to return to the world of the living where he can exact revenge.

Upon returning to the world, Warren shows no more mercy to the killers than they showed him or his children as he hunts them down and murders them one-by-one. But murder is not the only wrong Warren seeks to redress. Before his death, Warren learns that his friend and business partner, JORDAN WEEKS, has been making him a cuckold while also absconding funds from their firm’s investors’ accounts as he seeks to start a new life with his new lover. Consequently, Warren inflicts great damage on Jordan. And while he finds it helps to offset his pain, he also wants to recover the stolen funds. Despite the vileness of his actions, Warren still cherishes the ones who made him and his firm successful, so he works with Jordan’s wife and a pair of employees to unlock Jordan’s bank accounts.

Still, Warren understands he can never again be part of the living and learns that the afterlife has different rules than he imagines. BERTRAND TOLLIVER, another spirit who has also returned from the dead, explains that while the good Warren does may be redeeming, his vengeful acts may counteract them, rendering his hope to reunite with his children impossible.

Caught up in a struggle between attaining satisfaction for the wrongs done to him and his desire to find eternal peace, Warren finds himself in a downward spiral in a world where he must constantly be ready to protect himself from malevolent spirits until the sun burns out, the world dies off, and he eventually finds himself in a solitary eternity of darkness.

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Raymond Bolton

Raymond Bolton


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