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Weddings Can Be Murder

Weddings Can Be Murder

Charlie Parker Mysteries, Book 16


Connie Shelton


Fiction, Mystery

Publish Date

February 10, 2016

Short Description

It's Ron Parker's wedding day but when his sister Charlie stops by to pick up the bride, the house is in disarray and the bride is missing. Ron's dilemma--a terrible argument with his fiancee the night before and no alibi. It gets worse when the media jumps on the story and the police treat Ron as a suspect. Charlie has her hands full solving this one.


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Charlie Parker's brother, Ron, is ready for the happiest day of his life when he will marry long-time girlfriend Victoria Morgan. Charlie will be matron of honor, her husband Drake the best man. But when Charlie stops by the bride's house to pick her up for the ceremony, the place is in disarray and Victoria is missing. And Ron has no proof of where he was the night before, after he and his fiancée had a terrible argument. Was the fight nothing more than pre-wedding jitters, as Ron claims? Or did the unthinkable happen? Things go from bad to worse when the media jumps on the story and the police treat Ron as a suspect.

However, as usual, the answers are not quite so simple. Charlie has her hands full sorting out clues from the distant past, learning things about Victoria none of them knew.

Praise for Connie Shelton’s Charlie Parker mystery series:

“Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.” --The Midwest Book Review

“Charlie is just what readers want.” –Booklist

“Shelton has done a superb job bringing New Mexico to life.” --Albuquerque Journal

“Charlie is a fabulous amateur sleuth.” –Midwest Book Review

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Connie Shelton

Connie Shelton


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