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To Keep Death's Vow

To Keep Death's Vow

Book Two The Unseen Series


Kathy-Lynn Cross


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Paranormal and Supernatural, Teen and Young Adult, Urban

Publish Date

February 24, 2018

Short Description

With both Bond-Rites hanging over Tevin’s cloak and the Unseen closing in on Alexcia, this reluctant reaper finds his control decomposing. Will Alexcia jeopardize what Tevin has tried to protect for the last ten years… her life?


The Winner

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When the Unseen turn dreams inside out, they become nightmares.

The reaper is back… with reinforcements!

With the aid of his clan, protecting the Child-of-Balance should be as easy as severing a soul, right? Wrong! With both Bond-Rites hanging over his cloak and the Unseen closing in on Alexcia, Tevin finds his control is decomposing faster than a sunbaked corpse. As tensions build between the clans, the last thing he wants to admit is guarding Alexcia has turned into an addiction… and what’s worse… he digs it!
Alexcia Stasis, on the other hand, is having a hard time accepting the role of survivor after a fatal accident that claimed her boyfriend. And now her best friend—Jake Steal—is sparking unwelcome emotions she’s tried to keep buried. But as the nightmares begin to crawl from beyond the darkness to haunt her days, she strives to remain sane until a string of events shreds the lies exposing reality. Regrettably, her parents know more about her troubles than she realized, and Alexcia is determined to find the answers.
Can Tevin ignore the emotions tainting his decisions long enough to keep Alexcia safe or will the answers she seeks jeopardize everything he has tried to protect for the last ten years… her life?

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Kathy-Lynn Cross

Kathy-Lynn Cross


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