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To Heaven and Back With Angels

To Heaven and Back With Angels

Angels and Heaven.


Tim A. Peak


Nonfiction, Religious

Publish Date

July 19, 2019

Short Description

An amazing true story about the author going to Heaven and speaking with Angels there and here. A must read for everyone!


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This is an amazing true story about how I went to Heaven and spoke with Angels there and here. These Angels have so much love for us that you can actually (Feel) their love. I was told by these Angels to go back and tell as many people as I can what Heaven is like and what our Heavenly Father expects from us while we are here. Well, for a long time I didnt know how I was going to do this being that I am not a super religious person but I am Catholic and I know something truely amazing was going on in my life. I kept in touch with the priests at my church and they thought a book would be a great way to do this. I was not an author at this time and I thought that I could never pull this off but I could only think about what the Angels told me..........Tell as many people as I can and not to be discouraged by other peoples negative judgements. Well, I kept thinking about what they told me and I finally wrote the book. I am very proud of myself for pulling this amazing accomplishment off along with hundreds of others that have read my book. It truely is an amazing story and I hope everyone will read. There are millions of books out there to choose from and I think that this book will help people understand what happens to our loved ones and (ourselves) when we die. These Angels truely understand our pain while we are here but she told me that life is a mission that we must all complete before we can go to the Heavenly Kingdom. I hope you will read this book and pass it along to many people just how these Angels want it to be.

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Tim A. Peak

Tim A. Peak


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