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Those We Trust

Those We Trust


Marie Jones


Fiction, Romance, Suspense, Thriller, Women, Police / Detective, Mystery, Contemporary

Publish Date

May 18, 2021

Short Description

After a break-in occurs at the friend’s house she’s staying in, a young computer programmer down on her luck finds herself implicated in a larger crime she took no part in. Connecting with a detective, she works with him to solve the crime all the while falling in love.


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Broken and humiliated by her husband of ten years leaving her unexpectedly, Sophia Meadows muddles through her daily routine - writing computer programs and rarely leaving her house. That is, until an old friend from university shows up at her door with a chance to get away and heal in the Scottish Highlands of Inverness by flat-sitting.

Yet once she arrives, she soon discovers the offer is not what she bargained for.
A police surveillance team are watching her every move and a mysterious man is after the contents of a safe hidden in the wall. After a break-in at the apartment, her path collides with DI Marcus Armstrong, the man in charge of the apartment surveillance. Sophia is swept into an investigation of fraud involving her university friend and into a sudden attraction with the handsome DI who finds himself drawn to her even though she's a suspect in his case.

With evidence piling up against her and her friend, and the attraction between her and Marcus growing stronger, Sophia is forced to confront her broken heart and find a way to clear her name. In a tangled web of secrets and clues, can she and Marcus work through their attraction and learn to trust each other in time to stop a criminal and possibly a life?

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Marie Jones

Marie Jones


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