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The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs

The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs


Mike Nemeth


Police / Detective

Publish Date

October 26, 2022

Short Description

Two murders. Two love stories. One last shot at redemption.


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In a race with the DEA and pursued by rogue CIA agents, Eddie Kovacs has one last shot at redemption for his mistake in Vietnam. Or is it one last chance for love? Eddie is haunted by the unsolved murder of his investigative partner in Vietnam and is tormented by the recent passing of his wife when the Sheriff of Chatham County, Georgia offers him one last shot at redemption: Find an opioid dealer at a luxury condo complex on Tybee Island before the DEA exposes the scandal that would dash the sheriff’s political ambitions. What Eddie finds is shocking and presents Eddie with a dilemma reminiscent of his choices in Vietnam.

Propelled by two murder cases, separated by decades, The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs is a provocative love story, an examination of the evolving definition of morality, and an exploration of the unbreakable bond between the past and the present.

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Mike Nemeth

Mike Nemeth


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