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The Mental Fight Of Your Life

The Mental Fight Of Your Life


Freddie Floyd Jr


Teen and Young Adult, Religious

Publish Date

December 29, 2022

Short Description

This book meets both men and women where they are on their relationship journey—using insights regarding masculine vs feminine roles. By speaking directly to young adult men as they mature, this guide shows how to be a real man, the importance of perseverance, the value in loving their wives, and how to understand and connect with the one they love


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The Mental Fight of Your Life is an enlightening self-help book rooted in Christian values that delves into the intricate and ongoing battles men and women face in their marriages. This insightful book provides practical solutions to various marriage-related issues. It delves into the spiritual conflict between the worldly aspects of marriage and the divine elements that should reign as an authority in our lives.
Author Freddie Floyd Jr. writes with profound wisdom, offering tangible tips that husbands and wives can use to strengthen their relationships. The book covers a wide range of topics, such as faithfulness, love, consistency, and understanding the needs of one's partner. By delving into these crucial areas, Floyd Jr. provides readers with a comprehensive guide that outlines a roadmap to a long-lasting, spiritually-centered, and God-centered marriage.

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Freddie Floyd Jr

Freddie Floyd Jr


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