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The First to Forgive

The First to Forgive

The Triumvirs Book 2


Daniel Dydek


Fantasy, Teen and Young Adult, Action and Adventure

Publish Date

December 9, 2022

Short Description

If someone took what you loved most, would you fight back? Or would you fight to help them? This is Catie’s decision.


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To get revenge, she’ll have to champion her enemy’s cause…

Catie’s first attempt to avenge her husband’s death at Roth Kamdellan’s hand failed. Thrown out into winter’s night, she expects a swift death—until a piercing orange light and keening wail on the wind stirs in her the irresistible will to go on. Vague, but insistent, it seems to call her northward.

Gabriel and Deuel, famous in the mercenary world, have been summoned by Roth to help the revolutionary army advance, and aid in the overthrow of Andelen’s ruler. To do this, they must find the Berkarfor, four hidden goblets that legends say will give the drinker untold power. The mercenary team is accustomed to working alone; but Roth’s protégé, Rodigger, is sent along to ensure the mission’s success—and to be a pain in Gabriel’s side.

When Catie convinces the trio to let her join their quest, she believes she has been given one more chance to rid the world of Roth’s vile existence. But long before she can pursue this desperate attempt, she begins to uncover a secret about her own past that could change her perspective about everything.

Forced to travel with those she should hate, she may discover the will to forgive.

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Daniel Dydek

Daniel Dydek


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