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The First Sin

The First Sin

South of Eden


Lisa Beth Darling


Fiction, Dark, Drama, Mythological, Contemporary, Religious

Publish Date

August 18, 2021

Short Description

Drop Your Religious Baggage at the Door When Lucifer Returns to Eden


The Winner

Book's Awards


In this creative and often humorous re-envisioning of the Christian Creation Story, Lucifer is unceremoniously yanked out of Hell by his Father so he can return to his old job in the Garden of Eden. When he arrives, broken, battered, and bleeding, he falls into the arms of Eve who is unsure about seeing her old lover again as are the Gods and Goddesses now living in a dying paradise.

Tasked with returning the Sacred Trees of Life and Knowledge to flourishing bounty once more, Lucifer struggles to learn his new place in his old home. Yet, he hasn't been placed there solely to tend the Garden. His son, Cain, is on the way with murder and destruction on his mind.

Having lived, cursed by God, for eons, Cain Enoch has made quite a name for himself and amassed a fortune that would make even his Grandfather envious and with it he'll stop at nothing to find Eden and destroy it. Why? So he can finally die even though it means taking the Earth, Heaven, and Hell with him.

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Lisa Beth Darling

Lisa Beth Darling


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