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The Dragon Slayer

The Dragon Slayer


David Harvey


Fantasy, Fiction

Publish Date

January 2, 2021

Short Description

Liam of Zorgonia – a reluctant hero.

Meredeth – an even more reluctant heroine.

When Meredeth, with her smouldering, emerald eyes, captures Liam’s heart, but is kidnapped by the evil Scythe, Liam vows to free her.

With two dragons who don’t breathe fire naturally and two battle-trained unicorns, he is forced to confront brigands and mercenaries in his quest. He triumphs over Meredeth’s captors, but what he doesn’t know is that the journey back to Zorgonia is filled with dangerous creatures.

The kind of creatures that like nothing better than a tasty snack of humans.



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The Kingdom of Zorgonia has been ruled for years by its benevolent King.

King Garrin loves his country, its prosperity and all its people. Surrounded on three sides by high, jagged snow-capped mountains, it has, though, always been a target for brigands and armies of thieves.

But, other than the mountains, Zorgonia has always been well protected by its army of battle-hardened unicorns and archers.

And then there are the dragons. (The most frightening creatures in the world–according to the dragons themselves!)

Except dragons don’t have any special purpose. They look fearsome and they can fly. But they don’t breathe fire because that’s the stuff of myths and legends.

Liam knows these things. King Garrin appointed him as their guardian. When one dragon tells him about a massive army training in a valley beyond the northern mountain range, he is tasked by the King to find out more.

What he discovers is bad news. This army is preparing to invade them.

If they cross the mountain range, the archers and unicorn army will be too small to handle the sheer size of the invasion. Liam will have to find some way to make the dragons play a crucial role that goes beyond their fearsome appearance. They will have to go from looking fearsome to becoming fearsome if Zorgonia is to survive, or else the inhabitants are doomed.

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David Harvey

David Harvey


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