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The Doll

The Doll


Laura Daleo


Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Urban

Publish Date

September 22, 2021

Short Description

In the wake of Jenna Hess' sudden death, Jeremy Dillon is devastated. His only hope of easing the pain lies in alcohol...until he meets The Dollmaker. Meet CR1XY, the Dollmaker's Elite doll, created especially for Jeremy. But is she?


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The Doll is set in 2024 and tells the story of Jeremy Dillon who mourns the passing of his fiancée, Jenna Hess. Jeremy’s friends Matt and Missy help Jeremy to process the loss of his love. A stranger introduces Jeremy to The Dollmaker, an innovative, high-tech company helping people cope with the loss of a loved one, managed by Alicia and scientist Wayne. What begins as a dream come true soon turns into a nightmare when Jeremy’s new love, Carly, turns out to be someone completely different, influenced by Vsevolod Bykov who lost his daughter when she passed away. FBI agents Green and Finch, code hackers, fatal commands, and a Russian spy have side-tracked Jeremy’s life. The United States Special Forces, Russian intelligence, and a software program called TriCel - giving the ability to learn, transform, and adapt – all hold the answers to Jeremy’s questions.

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Laura Daleo

Laura Daleo


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