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The Dead Game

The Dead Game

The Dead Game Series Book One


Susanne Leist


Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal and Supernatural, Romance, Suspense, Teen and Young Adult

Publish Date

August 27, 2013

Short Description

A party is called for tonight at End House, but no host greets you at the front door.

The door locks behind you.

Candles light a path through the dark hallways.

Is your heart beating too fast?

What should you do?


The owner of End House takes no prisoners.

The Dead Game has begun.


The Winner

Book's Awards


Linda Bennett moves from New York to Florida to live a quieter life. Life is peaceful until the dead body washes ashore. She learns dead bodies and disappearing tourists are typical for the coastal town.

Linda and her friends receive an invitation to a party at End House, a deserted house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The group arrives, but no one is there to greet them. The house has a sinister life of its own where horror follows their every step. Traps, illusions, and revolving rooms add to their growing fear. When wild animals escape their cages in the basement, the young residents flee for their lives.

They embark on a harrowing journey, not knowing whom to trust, to uncover the one controlling the evil game.

Who are The Dead?

Are they humans or vampires?

Will Linda lose her heart to Todd, who knows more than he admits?

Will her best friend, Shana, fall in love with Sheriff Sam?

The Dead Game has begun.

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Susanne Leist

Susanne Leist


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