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Sophia's Pilot

Sophia's Pilot

A small town second chance romance


Seralynn Lewis


Contemporary, Romance

Publish Date

August 15, 2021

Short Description

Sophia Nelson is a single mom with a dream and a problem. Ben Garrison offers to help her achieve that dream and keep her safe. Will he keep her safe without falling for her?


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Widow and single motherSophia Nelson is about to be a young empty nester. She struggles with everything from starting her own business and training to run the Pumpkin Spice Marathon, to a busybody former Navy officer cousin who is overprotective and too involved in her life. When she has unwanted advances from a local high school coach, her cousin decides to appoint another former Navy man to train with her and protect her from the coach. Sophia needs another protector like she needs a hole in her head, but can it be all bad when Ben Garrison is not only good to look at, but a really decent man?

Ben Garrison just wants to start his helicopter courier service and fly, fly, fly. But an old Navy buddy needs a favor, and Ben wants to work at something until he can get his business off the ground. And what could be worse than running the track with a beautiful widow? Nothing, except that her over-protective teenage daughters think he’s a player, and he’s hard-pressed to get anything else off the ground with her, especially when her real problem is that she can’t tolerate the one thing he truly loves—flying.

Can Ben and Sophia find strength in their common faith bond and overcome past hurt to find happiness? Or are they permanently grounded in her fear and his nagging doubts?

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Seralynn Lewis

Seralynn Lewis


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