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Sky Watcher

Sky Watcher



Heather Lynn


Romance, Historical, Fiction, Fantasy, Women

Publish Date

April 22, 2021

Short Description

Some believe
that within every moment
is an endless number of possible new beginnings,
That every instant brings with it the
opportunity to make a choice,
a choice that will lead to many other choices,
eventually bringing about a particular end.
there are those happenings in life,
some life-changing,
some not so much,
that are not the result of our choices.
Some events are simply
… inevitable ...


The Winner

Book's Awards


Charlotte Harper’s best friend Jessica is shocked to receive a letter detailing

Charlotte’s journey back in time to save her possible ancestor Elizabeth.

The letter, written in 1819, speaks of the consequences of Charlotte’s actions

and asks for Jessica’s help.

Charlotte’s adventure begins with a Wiccan ritual and spell that takes her back

to 1818. After arriving at a small town on the shore of Owasco Lake, New York,

she settles in, finding work at the general store to earn her keep. While awaiting

Elizabeth’s arrival, she forms strong bonds with those around her, finding herself

part of a tight-knit circle of friends and deeply in love.

Charlotte knows that walking through one door often closes many others, so when

she dreams of warnings from the future she left behind, she wants to understand.

Is Jessica reaching out to her? What is she trying to tell her? Knowing that one single

choice can change who is your friend, your lover, who lives and who dies, Charlotte

must choose her path wisely so as not to make the same mistakes.

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Heather Lynn

Heather Lynn


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