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Road to Redemption

Road to Redemption

Small Town Second Chance Romance - Lost & Found Book 3


Michelle Dalton


Fiction, Contemporary, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Suspense

Publish Date

October 20, 2020

Short Description

Do second chances count when it's your heart on the line?


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Raymond sold his soul to protect the only woman he’s ever loved. The consequences of his actions leading him down a path of absolute destruction.
Now, more than a decade later fate plays her hand. When Raymond is forced to face his past, secrets and seductive memories return and threaten to overturn his hard won come back from the brink.
But can Raymond accept this gift handed to him by chance? Or will he waste it, accepting the easy way out?

Mina vowed she’d never love nor need a man. A self-made business success and single mother, her life is up ended when her past returns.
Feelings and desires she believed long since buried and forgotten, resurface.
But there is more at stake than her heart. As Mina fights to keep her secret and protect her daughter, the walls she’d spent years building around her heart begin to crumble.
Mina finds that there’s more at stake than only her heart and her small family.

Mina and Raymond’s second chance small town romance takes place on the stunning white dune, west coast of South Africa, where dangerous forces are at play and everyone’s safety is at stake.
Poachers threaten all Mina’s worked so hard to achieve, labelling those closest to her as suspect.

Will Raymond truly be able to take the redemption handed to him, protect his family and make it work, or will Mina lose her heart to the only man she’s ever loved, for a second time?

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Michelle Dalton

Michelle Dalton


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