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Rachael's Decision

Rachael's Decision

Amish Charm Bakery Series


Molly Jebber



Publish Date

January 25, 2023

Short Description

Rachael's limp reminds her each day the tragedy she's suffered, but she has started life anew working at the Amish bakery. She's giddy over Caleb, but he wants children. She does to, but she's barren. Nathan has two children who adore her. He proposes an arranged marriage. Other life-altering decisions come her way. What will the future hold for her?


The Winner

Book's Awards


Set in a close-knit Amish community in 1900s Ohio, award-winning author Molly Jebber’s historical romance brims with authentic detail and an emotionally complex storyline—a treat both for historical fans and those who enjoy wholesome romance by writers like Charlotte Hubbard, Rachel J. Good, Amy Lillard, and Jennifer Beckstrand.

In 1915 Ohio, anyone entering the Amish Charm Bakery is greeted by the sweet warmth and delicious fragrance of cinnamon and vanilla wafting from freshly baked cookies and pies. And newcomers to this Amish community will find friendship on the menu, too—and perhaps for a lucky few, even lasting love . . .

Rachael Schlabach’s first chance for a husband ended in a tragic accident that left her with a limp. Though happy to work in the beloved Amish Charm Bakery, she hasn’t abandoned her romantic dreams, but she has focused on a widower with two adorable kinner she would love to raise as her own. Then handsome, single Caleb Yutzy arrives on the scene . . .

Caleb is eager to court pretty, warm-hearted Rachael, and tells her so. But their frank conversations reveal a truth that dashes her hopes—Caleb very much wants kinner, the one thing Rachael can’t give him. Even when Caleb assures her it’s no matter, she can’t bring herself to be so selfish. Yet love is beyond all planning, and with faith Rachael and Caleb may discover the lifetime of love they were meant to share . . .

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Molly Jebber

Molly Jebber


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